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Mom Monday: Yes

Mom Monday

Mommy, do you want to play boats? Do you want to play trucks? Do you want to play cars? Do you want to play big cars? Do you want to read this book? Do you want to play basketball? Do you want to play football? Do you want to play golf? Can we go outside Mommy? We go to the park today? Want to go upstairs? Want to play in workroom?

These are the questions I am asked every. single. day. and usually 1,000 times a day. Will has a great imagination and he loves to play. He also likes to play with all of his toys in rapid succession. He literally asks all of those questions in about a 5 minute span.

A lot of times I find myself saying, “No.” No, I have to feed Thomas. No, I have to get Thomas to sleep. No, I’m cleaning the kitchen. No, I’m fixing dinner. No, I’m sorting laundry. No, I’m checking my email. No. No. No. And I have noticed that on the days/weeks where I am constantly saying “no” it reflects in Will’s behavior. When I am not giving him the attention he needs and craves he will get it however he can. Usually by disobeying, screaming, or being mischievous.

“Yes” is a word I am trying to use more often. I’m not great at it and I have to make a conscious effort every morning to say yes more than I say no.

Do you put off playing with your kids to do more “important” things like laundry? Do you have a hard time saying yes? Or maybe you have a harder time saying no?



August 22, 2011   2 Comments