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Pictures :)

Finally, some pictures of Will’s nursery and me!

Will’s crib and bedding – Bill put up the chairrail and the “frame.” It took forever to find white ledges but we weren’t looking at the right places. They came from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Changing table/dresser area.

Chest of Drawers. Will has lots of storage space in his room! We will probably put something above here – shelves or a picture of something.

A close up of the window in Will’s room. The valance matches the bed set.

A close up of the painting of PepperAnn above the dresser. Gayle’s friend and co-worker painted it from a picture of PA.

A close up of the “frame” above the crib. A blue “W”, a stuffed dog, a picture of PepperAnn and a family on a llama that I bought from an indigenous Indian from Peru at the UN.

A couple of months ago in Gatlingburg.

As of today – October 12, 2008! No matter what by this day next month Will is going to be here. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait until the very last day!

I think it’s funny how different people react when they ask when you’re due and you tell them – “about 3 weeks.” On Friday night the waitress at Cracker Barrell told me I looked like I was ready to pop and the lady who sat in front of us at the Predators game on Saturday was “shocked” that I was due so soon. I prefer the “shocked” response to the alternative :) Another doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I hope the weeks start going by faster.

October 12, 2008   4 Comments

Less than a Month!

It’s official – Will’s due date is in less than a month! November 5 is right around the corner :)

I started going to the doctor every week today. The doctor said that Will weights between 6.5 – 7 pounds and that he is in the head down position. She estimates that he will weigh at most 8.5 pounds when he is born.

When I have a few more minutes – I’ll post pictures of his nursery and maybe of me!

October 7, 2008   Comments Off on Less than a Month!

Over It

Whatever I had done to offend PepperAnn, she seems to be over it. As of yesterday, she is back to doing all of her normal things, laying on the couch, laying in the sun, laying on my lap (what’s left of it). She is even excited when I get home again. A nice feeling to know that your dog doesn’t hate you!

October 2, 2008   2 Comments

A Little Blip….

The results from my blood test came back today. Thankfully, I do not have gestational diabetes but I am a little anemic. But, the doctor said it is nothing to worry about. I just have to take an iron supplement along with my prenatal vitamins.

August 12, 2008   Comments Off on A Little Blip….

It’s 7 Months and All’s Well!

Today I had my 7 month check and everything is still going great. That’s about all I can tell you because that is all the doctor tells me! His heartbeat was between 140 and 150.

I start going every 2 weeks now. These last 12 weeks are going to fly by.

August 11, 2008   Comments Off on It’s 7 Months and All’s Well!

Ah, Ribs

Today Will discovered my ribs. And he has been gleefully kicking at them all day long! Not the most comfortable place to be kicked but it doesn’t hurt – yet.

Just thought I’d pass along that tidbit.

July 30, 2008   Comments Off on Ah, Ribs

For Old Time’s Sake

Last night I had a nosebleed! My nose hasn’t bled in probably 2 years – ah, fond memories.

Bill thought it was a real “gusher” but I assured him that it was very minor. It cleared up in just a few minutes. Then, I proceeded to describe to him a “gusher.” “Gusher” is defined as your nose bleeding so much that your Mom has to keep handing you washcloths every few minutes because the one you’re using has to be thrown away and you have to be outside because there’s no way the washcloth is cathcing all that you’re bleeding! He then agreed that my nose bleed had not been in the “gusher” category.

But, I looked it up in my “What to Expect” book and nosebleeds are a common “ailment” that plagues pregnant people. I just hope that it was a one time thing and not the start of nightly nosebleeds or something :)

July 30, 2008   4 Comments

Moving and Grooving

I have been able to feel Will moving around for about the past week! It’s fun and a bit weird. We can even see my belly moving and Bill has been able to feel him a couple of times. I can’t wait for PepperAnn to be laying on my lap and Will give her a big kick :)

I had another check up yesterday and it went well. They just checked his heartbeat and it sounded good. I go again in 3 weeks and they will check for diabetes. Then, I start going every 2 weeks because I will be 28 weeks along.

Last night we went to Babies R Us and registered for a few more things but we still don’t really know what we need! We stared at bottles and stuff like that for about 20 minutes before moving on to things we understand better.

July 23, 2008   Comments Off on Moving and Grooving