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For Old Time’s Sake

Last night I had a nosebleed! My nose hasn’t bled in probably 2 years – ah, fond memories.

Bill thought it was a real “gusher” but I assured him that it was very minor. It cleared up in just a few minutes. Then, I proceeded to describe to him a “gusher.” “Gusher” is defined as your nose bleeding so much that your Mom has to keep handing you washcloths every few minutes because the one you’re using has to be thrown away and you have to be outside because there’s no way the washcloth is cathcing all that you’re bleeding! He then agreed that my nose bleed had not been in the “gusher” category.

But, I looked it up in my “What to Expect” book and nosebleeds are a common “ailment” that plagues pregnant people. I just hope that it was a one time thing and not the start of nightly nosebleeds or something :)

July 30, 2008   4 Comments