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The Finish Line is in Sight


Exciting Day! Today I picked up my graduation regalia – in Columbia blue! I have 17 days of my field placement left and even fewer days of class! My last day of “work” in May 9th and graduation is May 19th. Graduation is going to be at Lincoln Center which seems really classy.

In other news – we’re headed south April 17 – 20 for Aubrey’s birthday.  It will be nice to see everyone while we’re home.

Bill is chugging right along in his work and enjoying almost every minute of it. I am about to embark on the job hunt and not really looking forward to it. Bill just asked why I don’t like to work and that is not what I meant – I just don’t like the job hunting process.

Bill is still working on getting up and functioning – so it should be working soon.

March 25, 2008   7 Comments