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Will & Lonnie

Yesterday, Will and I went to get the registered which included emissions testing and a VERY long line at the clerk’s office branch. I don’t ever expect good or efficient service when dealing with the government – it’s best not to be disappointed, after all. But yesterday’s experience was superb. Really! I thought that it would not be too busy at the first of the month (it’s always busy at the end b/c of procrastinators) but I was SO wrong. It was extremely crowded. I had Will in his stroller and got in the line. But the line was not really designed to accommodate a stroller. A lady who worked for the clerk’s office kindly told me that I could get out of line and wait in the seating area until my turn came since the line was SO long and Will didn’t fit. Really?!?! And the amazing part was that the people behind me said – we’ll remind her when it’s your turn. Wow! Talk about good customer service and the general decency of people.

All that to say – Will was such a good boy while we waited that I decided to take him to McDonald’s to play and eat lunch. When we got out of the car Will immediately noticed that there was a huge truck in the parking lot. It was actually picking up the used grease from McD’s. The driver, Lonnie, was standing beside the truck and Will began to wave at him like a long lost friend. Will was so enthusiastic that Lonnie actually came over and talked to Will. You would have thought Will was talking to a movie star he was so enamored. Later as we were eating, Lonnie also came in the restaurant where he and Will continued talking about his big truck. It was so cute!

August 3, 2010   4 Comments