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Bad Dog! Bad Dog!

Last night Bill grilled some hamburgers for dinner. If you have never had one of Bill’s hamburgers then you are really missing out – I think they are SO delicious! We also had french fries, baked beans and pasta salad – Yum!

Bill uses a pound of beef and makes 3 hamburger patties – now that Will is older, he and PepperAnn have to share the third patty. (I can assure you that PA is NOT happy about only getting half of one.) Last night after we ate, I gave PA her portion and then we went into the living room. The dishwasher was still running so I left all the plates on bar to put in the dishwasher later. A little while later Bill whisper screamed “Amber, look at your dog!” This is what she was doing:

It seems as if we left a few crumbs on our plates and she just could not resist. She climbed up on the bar chair and then onto the counter. I think Bill is now regretting the day he taught her this trick. Bad dog!

May 18, 2010   4 Comments