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We had quite the ordeal getting everyone home yesterday – boys ended up staying at Nonny & PawPaw’s after I sat in traffic on Amnicola Hwy. from 11:45 – 4:30!! So, today when everyone was FINALLY home – they boys were SO excited to play in the snow!!!


I think Lucas was upset that I don’t have a jacket big enough to fit around him. :) And I’m upset that the only time it ever snows in Chattanooga is when I’m pregnant and can’t go sledding! The boys went sledding and I got some video but I’m having trouble uploading it. Here they are walking back up the hill. They started at our house, went around the curve and down a big hill.




Will and I attempted to build a snowman. I couldn’t get the snow to stick together so Will decided that we build a snow volcano with arms & a nose. He was probably as proud of this as he would have been over a real snowman!


Even PepperAnn enjoyed playing in the snow! She ran in crazy circles while Thomas chased her and tried to hit her with snowballs. Surprisingly, I think Thomas enjoyed the snow the very most! He stayed out longer than Will and then went back out after we had warmed up for a few minutes.


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The boys are so funny. Lately, they have been having meetings several times a day to talk about the news. And by news, they mean weather. Thomas always talks about tornadoes and Will “reads” from the Bible. They pretend meetings because when they ask Bill what he did at work he usually says he went to meetings.

The other day Bill had this conversation with Will:

Will: Daddy, when you were a little boy did you want to grow up to be a policeman?

Bill: No, I wanted to be a fire fighter.

Will: Oh, but you grew up to be a worker instead?



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Mom Monday: The “Un-Visible”

Mom Monday

I admit, I have a hard time keeping our house picked up and clean. Part of it is having 2 crazy boys running around but most of it is pure laziness. I would much rather be sitting at my computer doing something than cleaning the kitchen or picking up toys! A couple of weeks before Christmas, I was so proud of myself that the entire house, including the playroom, was picked up and clean. When I’m proud of myself for these things I like to goad Bill into also praising me for this accomplishment. After the required, “I’m so proud that you cleaned the house” remarks he added that all the visible places are clean and now we could work on the” un-visible” places. Seriously! But, he was right those places did need to be cleaned out and organized.

IMG_1806So, I slowly started working on closets and the attic. The thing is when you start cleaning out these “un-visible” places your visible places start getting cluttered and dirty again. It can be really frustrating! These “un-visible” places were getting the purging and cleaning that they needed but it was messing up the visible places that I had worked so hard to be presentable to other people. Who really cared that my closets and attic were bursting at the seems with junk that didn’t belong there.


But how many of us live our lives the same way I was keeping my house? We spend a lot of time and energy on making ourselves presentable on the outside. We attend Sunday School, church and Cubbies, we volunteer in the nursery, we take meals to people, & we volunteer at charities. We might talk to friends about some tough stuff we’re dealing with at home, work or with our kids, but we’re always full of advice for others peoples problems. We {I} spend a lot of time and energy on these outward things – and they matter – they just aren’t the most important. The most important parts of my life are the “un-visible” parts – the making time to dwell in God’s Word, taking the time to pray and really pour out your heart to Christ and letting Him fill you with His Spirit.

Sometimes {often} it is easier to not work on the “un-visible” parts of our lives because it messes up the part that we have worked so hard to make look perfect. People might find out that sometimes we are complete messes, sinners in need of grace and mercy every. single. day. This year I am praying that I am willing to clean out the “un-visible” places in my life so that I am living a life that is pleasing to God and not a life that just looks good from the outside.


New Hobby {aka I <3 FB resell pages}

For the past several years I have thought that I would really enjoy an embroidery machine. I love the look of monogrammed & appliqued things! I always hinted to Bill that I would like one as a Christmas present, but the machines are expensive, and we don’t generally drop that much money on ourselves or our kids at Christmas (or any other time.) This year after Christmas I decided that I would really like an embroidery machine and that I would save the money I received as gifts and start saving up to buy one. Then, inspiration hit. Our attic (and some of our closets) were full of good things that we simply weren’t using. I decided to sell the items on a Chattanooga Moms Resell page on Facebook – I figured it would help me a little towards the cost of an embroidery machine. Well, almost $400 later, I bought a machine!! I couldn’t believe it.


After research and talking to friends, I decided to buy the Brother PE-770. And so far I love it! It has been easy to learn and start using. Of course, I have a lot still to learn! A HUGE thank you to my friends Emily & Kelly who helped me figure out what I needed to get started.

My first attempt at using the machine was comical. I was trying to wind the bobbin thread, did something terribly wrong, and the thread ended up wrapping around the shaft of the bobbin winder instead of on the bobbin. Thankfully, my wonderful husband came to the rescue and cut the thread off with a knife and tweezers. After that adventure, I used an old, stained onesie and some scraps of fabric I had in the attic to try it out. It was a bit of a disaster – I had to rip it out, start over, cut a hole in the onesie, & didn’t cut the fabric close enough to the stitch. Despite all of that, I was still happy with my first attempt.


My next attempt turned out a lot better. I still practiced on an old onesie and used scrap fabric, but had a much better finished product.


On the last day of Dana & my Mom’s Christmas break, Mom babysat and Dana and I headed to JoAnn. I was so excited when I remembered that Dana “owed” me some money from random things and I started a fabric stash. I got lots of cute fabrics – and the good thing with applique is that just a little fabric goes a long way.

Now I’m starting to get brave! I made a cute bird onesie for a client at Choices – she loved it. I blocked out her baby’s name in this picture for privacy reasons but it turned out great (I think.)

edited bird shirtLast night, I practiced a design that I am going to make Will, Thomas & Charlie for Valentine’s Day. I feel like you have to be careful with this type of clothing for older boys especially because you don’t want them to look too babyish but I found a manly monster truck with hearts in the back design. I practiced with scrap material I had but I think it’s going to look handsome when I make them with the right fabric.


Have you started a new hobby lately? Or rediscovered one you love? How about an awesome Christmas present that you can’t stop using?


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30 by 30: A Year Later

I have to admit, I kinda forgot about my 30 by 30 list until a friend asked me about it a couple of weeks ago! Thankfully I have completed a few of the things on my list even if I wasn’t consciously thinking about them. Good news is I still have 6 months until I turn 30 – plenty of time to complete most of the items on my list.

  1. Run a 10K I am tweaking this one a bit to an 8K! (Ran the Turkey Trot 11/22/12)
  2. Run a 15K (Chickamauga Chase 4/21/12)
  3. Run a 1/2 Marathon (Given my current state {pregnant!} I won’t be able to run a 1/2 marathon before I turn 3o. But I did run another 15K – The Hot Chocolate Race – so we will count that and mark this one off.)
  4. Take a West Coast road trip (Also give my current state this vacation is on hold. We had planned to go next Fall but after the baby being born in the Spring we’ve decided to postpone the trip a year or so. After all, asking our family to take care of 3 boys for a week is a bit much especially if the baby is only a few months old!)
  5. Own a mini-van  (We got a minivan back in March and I am in love with it. It is great with the 2 boys, and even better when we had the foster babies!)
  6. Become a foster parent (We are officially approved foster parents. Haven’t gotten any calls yet,though.)
  7. Makeover kitchen (Major work (painting & backsplash) is complete – now to accessorize and organize!)
  8. Clogging Performance (I can’t believe I don’t have a picture! Clogged at Ketner’s Mill)
  9. Read through the Bible chronologically (I’m getting in the groove – ClearView is also reading and teaching through the Bible this year which is a huge accountability help)
  10. Get up to date with scrapbooking (Finished & ordered Thomas’ 1st year book! Still to do: 2010/2011/2012 & WDW Vacation)
  11. Do Project Life (maybe for 2013 summer vacations)
  12. Be a guest blogger  (I have been a guest blogger 2 times! So the Cook Said & I’m A Foster )
  13. Wear earrings at least 5 times (1. Brian’s birthday party/ 2. Melina’s wedding/ 3. Sept. 25 because I bought cute owl ones/ 4. Silverdale’s Christmas Tea)
  14. Host Dixon Family Christmas (12/22/2012 – Details HERE)
  15. Lose my “muffin top” (After several months in the gym I was able to button my jeans without the dreaded “muffin top”)
  16. Plant a garden
  17. Take family to NYC (June 2-4, 2012)
  18. Go to New Orleans (I am totally fudging this one because I would rather fudge than not mark it off the list! We didn’t make it to the real New Orleans but we did stay at the Port Orleans French Quarter resort at Disney World. I think that counts – except we didn’t get to see our friends, the Tipton’s.)
  19. Take boys to the county fair (One Sunday afternoon this Fall, my parents and I took the boys to the Hamilton County Fair)
  20. Read 10 books for fun (1. The Pastor’s Wife by Jennifer Allee/ 2. On the Run, 3. In Plain Sight & 4. Invisible by Lorena McCourtney/ 5. Daughter of Joy by Kathleen Morgan / 6. She Makes It Look Easy by MaryBeth Whalen/ 7. Deliver Me From Evil by Kathi Macias/ 8. Never Buried, 9. Never Preach Past Noon, 10. Never Kissed Goodnight, 11. Never Tease a Siamese, 12. Never Con a Corgi by Edie Claire) This really wasn’t even a challenge since I LOVE to read!
  21. Shoot a gun (9/25/2012)
  22. Read 1,000 Gifts and record my own
  23. Buy at least 1 Pinterest inspired outfit  (Bought this DRESS I found via Pinterest)
  24. Learn how to use camera in manual mode or at least how to take a good picture
  25. Make a loaf of bread
  26. Do a Sprint Triathlon
  27. See 4 movies at the theater (1. The Hunger Games 4/4/2012  2. Unconditional 9/21/2012 3. Summer 2013 Monster’s University 4. Summer 2013 Planes 5. Fall 2013 Catching Fire)
  28. Go on a “girls weekend”  (3/30/12 – 4/1/12)
  29. Read 4 books to learn (Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis)
  30. Go 1 week without eating fast food or at a restaurant

Becoming Foster Parents

If you’re curious about the process we went through to become foster parents you’re in luck! Check out my guest post about our experience on I’m A Foster.


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Does This Thing Still Work?

I have gotten to the point where I miss blogging. I was hoping that one day I would miss it and start up again and it took a few months but it happened. The past few months have been busy with normal, everyday stuff and some pretty exciting things.

Disney pic

We spent a week at DisneyWorld. It was one of my favorite vacations! We stayed at the Port Orleans- French Quarter resort, stayed all day at the parks or pool, ate a lot of delicious food and saw Mickey every single day.

4wheeler pic

We rode four wheelers and had a lot of bonfires at “the farm.” Bill turned 30 and we had a fun party to celebrate!

cheese pic

Will turned 5 years old! He celebrated several times – at Chuck E. Cheese and at home.

mickey pic

Thomas has turned into quite the character and is currently refusing to use the potty.

tooth pic

Will lost his first tooth! He won’t be toothless for long because the new tooth is practically already in.


We found out we’re having a new baby! Will hoped for a sister and Thomas wanted a brother.

brother picWe found out it’s a brother!!


Dusty the Crophopper


A couple of weekends each month, Lowe’s had “Build and Grow” workshops for kids. The first project this month was building Dusty from the movie Planes. Honey took us to see the movie the night before so it was especially fun to build Dusty the next day!

The boys had a great time building their planes, bringing home their work aprons and sewing on their completion badge! We can’t wait until the next “Build and Grow” workshop.

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