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Will’s 5 Year Old Trip: Gatlinburg


One of the things we would like to do with each of our children is take them on special trips by themselves when they are 5, 10 & 15 years old. The plan is when you are 5 you get to pick anywhere in the state, 10 anywhere in the country and 15 anywhere in the world. For Will’s 5 year old trip he picked Gatlinburg so he could try ice skating and snow tubing.

photo(34) - CopyWe took Will on his 5 year old trip back in January and he was SO excited! It was special to have the one on one time with him but he missed Thomas and Thomas did not understand why Will wasn’t going to Honey’s house with him.

photo(35) - CopyThe kid is crazy. We made a pit stop at a McD’s and had to get a snack of a chocolate milkshake and french fries.


photo(36) - CopyWe stayed at the Park Vista in Gatlinburg and it was a really nice place to stay.


photo(42) - Copy

photo(40) - Copy

photo(28) - Copy

IMG_0868 - Copy

Will’s absolute favorite part of the whole trip was the awesome indoor swimming pool with 2 water slides at the hotel! He would have been perfectly content to do nothing else except swim the entire weekend.

photo(38) - Copy

photo(39) - Copy

photo(37) - CopyThe first afternoon we jumped on the bed, ate pizza, saw The Avengers on the “strip” and played Lego’s.

photo(53) - Copy

photo(54) - Copy


photo(61) - Copy

photo(50) - Copy

photo(46) - Copy

photo(49) - CopyOn Saturday we spent the day at Ober Gatlinburg, made a quick stop at the outlet mall and ate dinner with Mimi, PawPaw, Kalah, Joel & Joel’s parents at the Apple Barn. Will won a bunch of tickets at the arcade and picked out paper airplanes (one for him and one for Thomas), a baseball fan and candy.

Before the trip, all Will talked about was trying to ice skate but then he decided that he didn’t want to try it, and then changed his mind again. He and Bill got out on the ice, made it one time around the rink and they were finished. Will yelled up at me, “Mommy, this is not fun at all!”

Finally, it was time to snow tube! Will (and Bill) enjoyed this the most. It was fun to watch them slide down the hill and worth the wait to see how much fun they had doing it!


photo(44) - Copy


photo(77)The last morning we ate donuts, went swimming (of course!) and took a few pictures before heading home. We had such a good time and can’t wait to continue this tradition with the rest of the boys. We also have to learn what is in the United States and what isn’t since Will either wants to go to Mexico or China for his 10 year old trip :)

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Will: First Day of Preschool


On Monday, August 12, Will had his first day of preschool! We have decided to homeschool for preschool and kindergarten and will make the decision year by year. So far, we have had a good time with days of the week, months of the year, counting our school days,  & graphing the weather. We will slowly add in all the other elements of a “full” school day.

Will is also going to MDO one day a week. So far, he likes his new teachers and his friends. His only complaint is that they don’t get to “play too much because they have to do so much work!”

August 21, 2013   1 Comment

Awana Cubbies: 3 Year Old


The past year Will was old enough to start Awana Cubbies at church. Each week Will memorized a Bible verse (or two) and said it to one of his teachers (one of them being me!) I was SO proud that each week Will was willing to work on his verse and say it. He completed his entire book of 30ish verses and got a completion award at the end of the year! He really enjoyed looking in the back of his Cubbies book and seeing the different patches and awards he could earn for saying his verses. His favorite part of each week (other than the playground) was story time and giving Cubbie Bear and Lovie Lamb a big hug each week.



Thomas enjoyed his year in Ms. Ashley’s class.


Lined up and ready to get his Cubbie award.


Singing one of his Cubbie songs – Read Your Bible, Pray Every Day


Being recognized for finishing his book.


So proud of my boy!

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Christmas Craft

Will has never been big into “arts and crafts.” He usually comes home from church or MDO with something the teacher has made for him! But, I do occasionally try to encourage him to do something creative with his hands. Inspired by Pinterest and my friend Meredith the goal was to make hand print Christmas trees.

Will liked getting his hand painted one time – the rest may have resulted in a few tears. But, his tree turned out cute. Thomas enjoyed getting his hand painted and wanted to smear the paint all over the canvas. We couldn’t get a picture of Thomas or the paint would have been all over the kitchen.

While waiting for the canvas to dry, Will “painted” Thomas’ hand with water. Thomas thought this part was the most fun!

After the canvas dried, the boys used their “Do-A-Dot” paint to decorate their trees with ornaments. Will was very selective with his ornament placement and Thomas has to be reigned in a bit :) After the boys went to bed I painted on stars and trunks and hung it up in the living room.

A fun afternoon craft!

December 25, 2012   3 Comments

Gingerbread Man House

We were sad to miss our “small” group’s annual PJ & Gingerbread decorating night this year so one afternoon Will and I had our own decorating party. He was SO excited.

I told him to smile and act normal – he did not appreciate that, can you tell?

The kit we got was technically a gingerbread train station and train but we just pretended it was a house. Will really like playing with the cookie man until I accidentally knocked it off the counter and broke its leg. {Will is probably going to have to go to therapy because of that!}

Will wanted his picture made with the man and house.

Will had a good time decorating the house – even though we couldn’t get it to look just like the box! And I think he ate more candy than got on the house. {Later that day, I caught Thomas eating all of the candy off the top of the roof!}

What a crazy boy! But a fun afternoon decorating our gingerbread houes.

December 14, 2012   3 Comments

Happy 4th Birthday Will!

We had a great time celebrating Will’s 4th birthday earlier this month! He LOVES costumes and wears a different one every. single. day. So he had a costume party with pizza and a Captain America cookie cake. It was a great afternoon celebrating our crazy 4 year old!

On the morning of November 2, we let Will open his gift from us before Bill went to work. We had wrapped a new bicycle helmet and bell up – this was Will’s expression when he figured out it went with a bike!

I poured the boys some cereal and they headed to the couch to watch cartoons – as usual. I found them both super relaxed a few minutes later. We spent the rest of Will’s birthday day riding his bike, playing and eating a birthday lunch with Daddy at Ichiban.

The next day it was time for the party!

November 30, 2012   1 Comment

Friday Night

If you tell something to Will, you better mean it because he will hold you to it.

We were out late tonight because we went out to dinner and then picked up a couple of Christmas presents. We got the boys to bed after reading a book, Bible story, prayers, tickles, etc.

About 10 minutes later, we hear a little
voice saying, “Daddy, is it Friday night?” After confirming that it was Friday night he reminded Bill that he had promised to sleep with him on Friday night!

Bill went upstairs to lay down with him for a little while but I’m pretty sure he had fallen asleep.

November 9, 2012   1 Comment

Farm Day

During the month of September at Mother’s Day Out the boys learned all about farms. They both made really cute barn books that had different animals made out of their hand prints and finger prints. At the end of the month they had farm day were they dressed like farmers, played farm games and rode on a tractor to pick out a pumpkin.

Thomas wasn’t too sure about “milking the cow” but Will jumped right in.

Picking up the chicken eggs was a big hit with both boys. Will even found a couple of pieces of gum in one of the eggs!

“Shearing the sheep” was also a big hit.

Thomas’ class went out to the pumpkin patch first. Most of them were crying – Thomas was sitting right under where I was taking the picture.

Thomas LOVED the pumpkin patch. He picked up about 20 pumpkins before deciding on the perfect one.

Will’s class filled the trailer for their ride to the pumpkin patch.

Will had no trouble picking out the perfect pumpkin.

Farmer Will!

October 16, 2012   3 Comments