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Thomas: MDO 2013-2014


On August 6, Thomas had his first day of Mother’s Day Out for the 2013-2014 school year. Can you tell he was a little excited about being in the big 2 year old class?!?!

Thomas loves going to play with his friends at MDO and he has a lot of new friends in his class this year. He has come a long way from crying every time we left him in the nursery to strutting into his classroom without even turning around.

We’re still working on potty training and hopefully peer pressure will help him finally get it!

August 19, 2013   Comments Off on Thomas: MDO 2013-2014

Bubba’s Shoes


Thomas absolutely adores his big brother Will. Most of the time Thomas calls him Bubba and wants to do everything just like Bubba. These tennis shoes are some of Will’s old ones that I kept for playing outside and getting really dirty. Thomas found this old pair of shoes that were dirty, had holes in both toes and were approximately 3 sizes too big and insisted on wearing them every. single. day. If I tried to get him to wear a different pair he cried and threw a fit demanding “I wear Bubba shoes!!”



One happy boy as long he is wearing “Bubba shoes.”

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Happy Birthday Thomas!

Thomas is such a cute little fellow! He is full of personality these days, talks all the time, loves Cars, Bubba and “PeppaAnn.” And he is still a cuddly guy who likes to be held and love on his Mommy and Daddy. We had his 2nd birthday party at Playside, an indoor playground, and he had a blast!

Mimi, Grandmama, PawPaw, Nonny & Mandy

Honey and Dana {It’s scary how much they look alike.}

Thomas and Jacob

Will, Greyson and Aubrey

Thomas snatched Greyson’s hat.

Abbi, Jacob, Will, Teagan & Nathan


Piper Jane

Thomas sliding head first.

Papa and Thomas

Thomas knew exactly what to do when we sang Happy Birthday this year!

Present time! He had lots of help from big brother and cousins.

Thomas, being Thomas.

Brayden and Nathan

You know it’s a good party, when someone ends up like this!

Thank you everybody {I couldn’t fit everyone’s picture in this post!} for coming out and celebrating Thomas’ 2nd birthday with us!

February 4, 2013   4 Comments

Christmas Craft

Will has never been big into “arts and crafts.” He usually comes home from church or MDO with something the teacher has made for him! But, I do occasionally try to encourage him to do something creative with his hands. Inspired by Pinterest and my friend Meredith the goal was to make hand print Christmas trees.

Will liked getting his hand painted one time – the rest may have resulted in a few tears. But, his tree turned out cute. Thomas enjoyed getting his hand painted and wanted to smear the paint all over the canvas. We couldn’t get a picture of Thomas or the paint would have been all over the kitchen.

While waiting for the canvas to dry, Will “painted” Thomas’ hand with water. Thomas thought this part was the most fun!

After the canvas dried, the boys used their “Do-A-Dot” paint to decorate their trees with ornaments. Will was very selective with his ornament placement and Thomas has to be reigned in a bit :) After the boys went to bed I painted on stars and trunks and hung it up in the living room.

A fun afternoon craft!

December 25, 2012   3 Comments

Couldn’t Resist

Yes, that is Thomas in the bathtub with blue jeans on!! Both boys LOVE taking a bath – they stay in until the water is absolutely freezing and sometimes they ask to get new water so they can stay in even longer. One day Will was in the tub and Thomas had his bath the night before so I didn’t put him in. I walked back into the bathroom a few minutes later and found Thomas had climbed in all by himself!

November 28, 2012   2 Comments

What Are We Going To Do With This Boy?

Thomas is just bursting with personality these days. He is his own boy, with his own ideas yet he tries to imitate every. single. thing. that Will says or does. Sometimes this gets him in tricky situations such as when he is climbing up the steps on the outside of the railing and gets “stuck” on the second step. Thomas has also decided that sitting in the seat of a shopping cart is for babies and he now prefers to “help” push or hang on to the basket. He has also stopped crying when I drop him off at nurser and MDO.

Thomas has a little fan club at church. There are about 3 older high school girls who work in the nursery and have taken a liking to Thomas. They especially love that he wears TOMS. He is too cute to resist! One Sunday morning we were making the boys leave the playground after church and Thomas was not happy about it. At just that time the girls were walking by and said, “Thomas, what’s the matter?” Thomas let go of my hand and ran, crying into the arms of the girl bending down!

Last week, Will, Thomas, Bill and my parents were eating dinner at Cracker Barrel when a waitress walked over and said, “Is that Thomas?” And continued on saying they were friends from church and she just loved him and his TOMS and that he probably didn’t recognize her in her work clothes! Everyone got a big kick out of that!

And this is completely inappropriate but hilarious. One day Thomas had on a shirt that had a picture of a dog on it. I pointed to it and said, “dog shirt.” He went around the whole day pointing at his shirt and saying, “dog sh*t.”

October 23, 2012   2 Comments

Farm Day

During the month of September at Mother’s Day Out the boys learned all about farms. They both made really cute barn books that had different animals made out of their hand prints and finger prints. At the end of the month they had farm day were they dressed like farmers, played farm games and rode on a tractor to pick out a pumpkin.

Thomas wasn’t too sure about “milking the cow” but Will jumped right in.

Picking up the chicken eggs was a big hit with both boys. Will even found a couple of pieces of gum in one of the eggs!

“Shearing the sheep” was also a big hit.

Thomas’ class went out to the pumpkin patch first. Most of them were crying – Thomas was sitting right under where I was taking the picture.

Thomas LOVED the pumpkin patch. He picked up about 20 pumpkins before deciding on the perfect one.

Will’s class filled the trailer for their ride to the pumpkin patch.

Will had no trouble picking out the perfect pumpkin.

Farmer Will!

October 16, 2012   3 Comments

Some Days Are Rough

This epic toddler meltdown is brought to you by a blue sippy cup. I gave Will the cup that Thomas apparently wanted and he sat on the floor and cried for a good 20 minutes.

October 10, 2012   4 Comments