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We have been BUSY around here the past couple of weeks. The good news is that we are almost done unpacking – the bad news is I still need to do a lot of organizing. Stuff is pretty much in its general correct location but just thrown in so we can get rid of the boxes in the house.

I hope to get back to blogging soon – maybe this weekend! I still have “downtown” adventures to tell you about and then our new house, Will’s first day of gymnastics, Will’s birthday and last but not least Thomas is crawling!

November 9, 2011   3 Comments

A Few Things

Several “giving” opportunities have come my way recently and I thought I would pass them along because you know, the more the merrier.

The first that came my way was from Catherine, who I went to Columbia with (and who I probably owe passing Economics to!) She and a few others are running a race Memorial Day weekend for charity – and her words describe it much better than I can:

“A team of us is running the Spring Lake 5 this Memorial Day Weekend to raise money for the Flight 93 National Memorial.  My mom and step-dad, Jean and Don Peterson,were passengers aboard Flight 93 which crashed in Shanksville, PA on September 11, 2001.  As the ten year anniversary approaches, our team is hoping to raise $2,500 for the national memorial in PA.  Construction has begun on the memorial, but support is still needed to complete the project and provide a truly fitting place to honor the passengers of Flight 93 and all of the victims of September 11th.

I hope you will consider supporting our team.  Any contribution will help. Donations are tax deductible and can be made through a secure online donation page run by the National Park Service.  Here is the link to our team’s page:”

The second opportunity also from New York friends, Kristian and Katy. They are soon expecting their second little boy and are using the opportunity to impact little lives half a world away. Again, they say it much better than me and you can read all about it in this blog post. In celebration of their new little boy they are raising funds to pay for a life saving heart surgery through the Preemptive Love Coalition. The Preemptive Love Coalition, in a nutshell, operates in Iraq and provides heart surgeries (among other things) to the Iraqi children. I recommend everyone visiting their website it will always be challenging, inspiring and cute all at the same time :)
They are raising funds by selling sets of cards that feature Katy’s photography. You can buy them online through THIS LINK

And last but not least………..
This big boy is running a race! Every year we participate in the 5K to raise money for the Brentwood campus of the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home and this year Will is big enough to participate in the 100 yard dash. He is so excited and has been practicing “racing” on the sidewalk and at the park. The race is May 14. So, if you want to sponsor him a dollar or two let me know. In return, there will be cute race day pictures!

P.S. We are toying with the idea of watermarking all the pictures on the blog for security reasons. Recently another blogger, who has a lot more followers but it could happen to anyone, has had someone taking the pictures of her little girls off her blog and using them on their facebook account. It was really creepy. So, to keep the creepsters away we may be taking extra steps of precaution.

April 25, 2011   8 Comments


For Your Viewing Pleasure:

April 15, 2011   1 Comment

Dana Visits & Other Things

It has been way TOO HOT lately – too hot to even blog! That is my excuse and I’m sticking to it :)

Last Thursday and Friday Dana came to visit us. We had so much fun – we love visitors! On Thursday we went to the Parent-Teacher store and browsed the Mall at Green Hills. And on Friday we went swimming at the Y. I won’t mention that we also spent about 4 hours cutting out laminated items. Fun times!

On Saturday PawPaw and Nonny came to visit. We had a good time visiting and eating some good hamburgers and cookies.

Will and I have had a great time riding around in our “new” car. It drives well and the air conditioning is cold – what more could a girl ask for! Bill also bought me a new computer this week. And I think I’m in love with it :) It is so sleek and pretty and it is so fast. Now I just have to transfer all of my files and pictures and get to work!

I also got a (temporary) job! Well, at least I think it is going to work out. I am going to be working 10 hours a week in the student ministry office at church – practically the same job I did before. The one “hurdle” is getting permission to bring Will with me until he starts school on September 1.

Well, that is all I know for now. Hopefully my next post will be more exciting!

July 26, 2010   3 Comments


My parents left today for an anniversary trip (their 30th)! They flew out of the Nashville airport at 6 am this morning so they came up yesterday afternoon and spent the night. All day I had been telling Will that Honey and Papa were coming to visit him. When the doorbell ring PA started barking her head off and Will started screaming “Papa, Papa, Papa!” What am I going to do with those two?!?! But Will was a little confused when they weren’t here when he woke up this morning :)

Yesterday I had a very productive day and I am trying to do the same today – so far it’s not going well :) I keep getting distracted by important things like planning our trip to NYC in October!! Whoo-hoo! We finally get to go back. The three of us and my Mom are going at the end of October and I can’t wait. (For real this time – the plane tickets are booked.) I want to check out a few places in Brooklyn while we’re there and of course see all our friends.

Remember when I said that Will did not prefer electronic toys? Well I think I spoke about 6 months too early! He has recently become very enamored with his tool bench and steering wheel that light up, make noises, and sing. I think he’s finally old enough to be able to manipulate them well and really enjoy what they do. He only takes sharp left turns with his steering wheel so maybe we have a future Nascar driver!

July 15, 2010   10 Comments

Random Ramblings

1. I have been a bad blogger lately. And an even worse picture taker, I literally have not taken a picture of anything since we got back from vacation. Sorry Dad – this post is ALL words!

2. Tomorrow Will goes to “Playcation” at church. It is all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and I am teaching the 2 year old class. I am a little nervous about him going – silly, I know! I hope he behaves, does ok without a nap and that I packed him enough food for lunch. The only lunch box we own is Vera Bradley and pink – I hope his friends don’t make fun of him. :)

3. For reasons unknown, my computer has decided to not “pull up” certain websites. For instance, I can’t log on to our online banking. But I also can’t log on to my Netvibes account and this is where I store all the blogs that I like to read. But this has been a blessing in disguise. I found that the more time I spent reading blogs the more un-content I was in my own life. It’s easy to constantly compare yourselves to everyone else on the internet! So, even when I get the capability to look at Netvibes again I am going to drastically scale down and only read blogs of people I know (and a select few that are inspiring to me).

4. I started a new Bible study with some girls in my Sunday school class last Tuesday night. We are striving to really hold each other accountable in our spiritual walk. One way, of course, is asking what we have learned each week through our Bible reading. Well, I have really failed this week. If they ask I may have to lie and make something up. Just kidding :) Maybe I’ll learn something at Playcation tomorrow!

June 14, 2010   6 Comments

Have a Fancy Yancy Christmas

I recently jumped at the opportunity to review a new Christmas CD by the artist Yancy. Heard of her? Well, neither had I but I thought it couldn’t be too bad – I mean, it is Christmas music! I eagerly awaited for my CD to come in the mail – I love Christmas music and I love free things so what better than a free Christmas CD.

This is the CD that came in the mail – “Have a Fancy Yancy Christmas” It came just as Will and I were headed out to do a little Christmas shopping so I put it in the CD right away to enjoy. This CD was great! I caught myself singing along to the songs right away – a sure sign that it’s good.

I am no music critic so I based my review on three questions: 1. Do I like it? 2. Will I listen to it over and over? 3. Can I sing along to it? So, here goes:

1. Do I like it? Yes, I do like the songs and the performer! It’s fun to listen to as it has traditional Christmas songs but in a very upbeat and fun tempo. The closest thing in my music collection to Yancy is Aly & AJ’s Christmas CD – love them both!

2. Will I listen to it over and over? Yes! I have already listened to the CD many, many times. I think it is quickly becoming a favorite – I MUST add it to my iPod playlist soon.

3. Can I sing along to it? Yes! And the best part is that I could do this right away. There are a couple of new songs written by Yancy on the CD and I am quickly learning the words to those too!

Here is some “official” information about “Have a Fancy Yancy Christmas”:

The songs are a mixture of traditional Christmas carols and contemporary favorites, but all performed in a very fun and modern way.  Yancy penned two songs: “Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas” and “Christmastime”.  Both are sure to become staples for many Christmas’s to come. The song “The Greatest Gift” is being played at radio across the U.S.

So, a very fun CD to add to the Christmas collection. I will be enjoying it for many years to come and you should too! CLICK HERE to buy the Fancy Yancy Christmas CD. And to find out more about Yancy, her blog, her ministry and her music check it out HERE.

December 11, 2009   Comments Off on Have a Fancy Yancy Christmas

Lost Cellphone

If anyone has been trying to call me this week – sorry! I have lost my cellphone and I literally have NO IDEA where it is. I’m still looking but no luck so far. The last time I saw it was last Saturday afternoon.


March 27, 2009   3 Comments