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Mom Monday: Babies

photo 1

This weekend my Mom was kind enough to chauffeur me to Nashville for my friend, Megan’s, baby shower. We have been friends for 10 YEARS!! I just had to count up the years and I can’t believe it, 10 years! We were roommates at Union. Megan and Ben are expecting their first baby, Evelyn, and we are due just a week apart from each other. We have now declared it a race to see who will have their baby first – although we’re both hoping for full term babies. The crazy thing is both babies have to 2 vessels instead of the normal 3 so it have been nice having a friend to talk with about what that means and how it affects the pregnancy. Megan’s baby, Evelyn, is giving her a harder time than Lucas is giving me though.

She got so many cute things for her nursery and of course, clothes! It is always fun to buy baby girl clothes since I don’t get the chance very often. And just so everyone knows – Will has already claimed Evelyn for his future bride and has declared that if anyone else wants to marry her, he will fight them and punch them in the face!



March 17, 2014   3 Comments

Mom Monday: 3 Steps to Fake a Clean House

1. Buy cleaning products & a candle that smell the same.

(I use Mrs. Meyer’s Lemon Verbena all-purpose cleaners & this weekend bought a Limoncello candle from Bath & Body Works.)

02_APC_51_1.image pBBW1-17664214v2752. Burn candle.

3. Pretend your house is clean because it smells clean!

This seriously works! Last night our house was smelling very nice and lemony and Bill wondered if I had been cleaning. I will now start burning the candle every afternoon before Bill gets home :)

February 24, 2014   3 Comments

Mom Monday: Just Because

Mom Monday

Do you enjoy something that is just absolutely ridiculous? One thing that I had forgotten that I particularly enjoy is singing along with very loud music in the car. I just rarely have the opportunity to do this since the boys are usually in the car with me and whenever I sing one of them declares “awful.”

Last night, I went to pick up some dinner and as I was listening to talk radio I realized I was in the car alone. ALONE. And listening to talk radio, boring. So I quickly pulled up my most obnoxious playlist, cranked up the volume and sang as loud as I could. Hopefully I’m not hoarse tomorrow :)

February 3, 2014   3 Comments

Mom Monday: The “Un-Visible”

Mom Monday

I admit, I have a hard time keeping our house picked up and clean. Part of it is having 2 crazy boys running around but most of it is pure laziness. I would much rather be sitting at my computer doing something than cleaning the kitchen or picking up toys! A couple of weeks before Christmas, I was so proud of myself that the entire house, including the playroom, was picked up and clean. When I’m proud of myself for these things I like to goad Bill into also praising me for this accomplishment. After the required, “I’m so proud that you cleaned the house” remarks he added that all the visible places are clean and now we could work on the” un-visible” places. Seriously! But, he was right those places did need to be cleaned out and organized.

IMG_1806So, I slowly started working on closets and the attic. The thing is when you start cleaning out these “un-visible” places your visible places start getting cluttered and dirty again. It can be really frustrating! These “un-visible” places were getting the purging and cleaning that they needed but it was messing up the visible places that I had worked so hard to be presentable to other people. Who really cared that my closets and attic were bursting at the seems with junk that didn’t belong there.


But how many of us live our lives the same way I was keeping my house? We spend a lot of time and energy on making ourselves presentable on the outside. We attend Sunday School, church and Cubbies, we volunteer in the nursery, we take meals to people, & we volunteer at charities. We might talk to friends about some tough stuff we’re dealing with at home, work or with our kids, but we’re always full of advice for others peoples problems. We {I} spend a lot of time and energy on these outward things – and they matter – they just aren’t the most important. The most important parts of my life are the “un-visible” parts – the making time to dwell in God’s Word, taking the time to pray and really pour out your heart to Christ and letting Him fill you with His Spirit.

Sometimes {often} it is easier to not work on the “un-visible” parts of our lives because it messes up the part that we have worked so hard to make look perfect. People might find out that sometimes we are complete messes, sinners in need of grace and mercy every. single. day. This year I am praying that I am willing to clean out the “un-visible” places in my life so that I am living a life that is pleasing to God and not a life that just looks good from the outside.

January 13, 2014   2 Comments

Mom Monday: Hot Chocolate 15K

This past weekend I got to spend a couple of days with a couple of friends {Amy & Kauri} in Atlanta. The purpose of the trip was to run the Hot Chocolate15K  but we also made to eat good food, and shop at IKEA and Trader Joe’s. For some reason, the pictures I took with my phone are upside down and I can’t turn them so, all pictures are from Kauri {and 1 I took from Heidi’s FB page}! It was such a FUN weekend even if it did include running 9.3 miles.

First, I am so glad that Kauri and Amy have such a generous friend in Heidi. She and her husband allowed us to stay at their house, bought us Panera bagels for breakfast, woke up at 5 am! to drive us to the race and then fed us an amazing lunch of pulled pork sandwiches with a delicious cheese sauce! Thank you, over and over!

We headed down to ATL Saturday afternoon and picked up our race packets, dropped our stuff at Heidi’s house and then headed out for dinner, IKEA and Trader Joe’s.

On recommendation we ate Antico’s Pizza and it was SO good. The atmosphere of the restaurant was fun too.

These guys p0sed for Kauri. It was just a big room with about 5 large tables for everyone to sit in 1/2 and the other 1/2 was the kitchen. We ordered and literally, 5 minutes later our pizza was served.

Kauri, Me and Amy pre-race. Isn’t it crazy that we were wearing shorts and short-sleeves in January!

Kauri, Heidi, Me & Amy.

Another fun thing, I got to meet someone in real life that I talk to on Twitter and read her blog. I’m a bad blogger and didn’t get a picture but you can find her at Spilled Milk and Other Atrocities

Heidi made this sign for us and cheered us on at the finish line. I finished in about 1 hour & 49 minutes.

Enjoying our post-race Hot Chocolate and chocolate fondue with lots of dippers!

January 14, 2013   5 Comments

Mom Monday: All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go

Bill and I don’t have (or make for ourselves) a lot of opportunities to get dressed up and go out without the boys so it’s always fun when we do. Bill’s company had their Christmas party at the Aquarium last weekend and we headed out for a night of fun. It was fun to meet the new people Bill works with and see the old one’s. The Aquarium is a fun place for a party, the food was pretty good {although it is weird to eat shrimp and sushi while looking at fish} and being out without the boys for an extended period is a great treat!

December 17, 2012   2 Comments

Mom Monday: 30 by 30

I don’t have any pictures for this 30 by 30 update but here it goes!

  1. Run a 10K I am tweaking this one a bit to an 8K! (Ran the Turkey Trot 11/22/12)
  2. Run a 15K (Chickamauga Chase 4/21/12)
  3. Run a 1/2 Marathon
  4. Take a West Coast road trip
  5. Own a mini-van
  6. Become a foster parent (We have turned in all the paperwork and are waiting on final approval from Nashville.)
  7. Makeover kitchen (We have painted the kitchen! Love it! Next up is tiling a backsplash.)
  8. Clogging Performance (I can’t believe I don’t have a picture! Clogged at Ketner’s Mill)
  9. Read through the Bible chronologically (I’m still in Genesis)
  10. Get up to date with scrapbooking (Finished & ordered Thomas’ 1st year book!)
  11. Do Project Life (2013)
  12. Be a guest blogger
  13. Wear earrings at least 5 times (1. Brian’s birthday party/ 2. Melina’s wedding/ 3. Sept. 25 because I bought cute owl ones)
  14. Host Dixon Family Christmas
  15. Lose my “muffin top”
  16. Plant a garden
  17. Take family to NYC (June 2-4, 2012)
  18. Go to New Orleans
  19. Take boys to the county fair
  20. Read 10 books for fun (1. The Pastor’s Wife by Jennifer Allee/ 2. On the Run, 3. In Plain Sight & 4. Invisible by Lorena McCourtney/ 5. Daughter of Joy by Kathleen Morgan / 6. She Makes It Look Easy by MaryBeth Whalen/ 7. Deliver Me From Evil by Kathi Macias/ 8. Never Buried, 9. Never Preach Past Noon, 10. Never Kissed Goodnight, 11. Never Tease a Siamese, 12. Never Con a Corgi by Edie Claire) This really wasn’t even a challenge since I LOVE to read!
  21. Shoot a gun (9/25/2012)
  22. Read 1,000 Gifts and record my own
  23. Buy at least 1 Pinterest inspired outfit
  24. Learn how to use camera in manual mode
  25. Make a loaf of bread
  26. Do a Sprint Triathlon
  27. See 4 movies at the theater (1. The Hunger Games 4/4/2012  2. Unconditional 9/21/2012)
  28. Go on a “girls weekend”  (3/30/12 – 4/1/12)
  29. Read 4 books to learn (Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis)
  30. Go 1 week without eating fast food or at a restaurant

November 26, 2012   Comments Off on Mom Monday: 30 by 30

Mom Monday: NYC

Because Bill is so nice to me, I got to spend most of last week in New York City! {And because our parents are so crazy nice to keep the boys! They’re probably still recuperating.} Bill was going for a work related conference and I got to have fun.

We left early Tuesday morning and got into the city around noon. We stayed on the Lower East Side since it was near the conference in SoHo and because it was one of the hotels we could find that wasn’t more than the per diem. I loved staying in a neighborhood that I was not familiar with! If you visit NYC often I would recommend staying in different places all around the city because you get to know and see so many different things!

Our first stop was lunch at Katz’s Delicatessen.It was established in 1888 and is known for their pastrami sandwiches and their slogon “Send a Salami to Your Boy in the Army.” It’s also been in movies such as When Harry Met Sally  and the walls are lined with pictures of celebrities.

After checking into the hotel, getting dressed up and grabbing a quick slice of pizza we headed to Broadway to see Peter and the Star Catcher. We had gotten our tickets from TKTS booth after lunch and if you want to see a “play” and not a musical then you can get in the “play only” line. We got there right when they opened and were 3rd in line. We would have been about 300th in the musical line! Bill had not heard about the play but I had and knew it had won several Tony awards. We both ended up being pleasantly surprised at how great it was. It was the back story of how Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Neverland came to be. I would recommend it!

On Wednesday we played tourist – since we were! We started with brunch at Max Brenner. It is seriously so good. We both had Tutti Frutti Waffles which are topped with fresh fruit, ice cream, a tube of melted chocolate and chocolate wafer melts. So good!

After brunch, we walked from Union Square to the west side and walked the High Line. The High Line is a fairly newly opened park that is elevated above the city streets. It is an old railroad line that has been converted to a walk way with green space. The colors of the trees and flowers were so beautiful. It would be a great place to escape to for  few hours if you live in the city. One of the first questions our friend James (4 years old) asked us is if we had been to the High Line. We were glad we were able to tell him yes!

After the High Line we walked to Penn Station and then took the subway downtown to the World Trade Center. We didn’t realize that you needed tickets to see the memorial so we just looked around and saw the new World Trade Center tower. It is SO tall.

Bill’s conference started Wednesday night at 6 so we ate an early dinner at Hi Thai. {We ate so early for NYC that we were almost able to order the lunch special!} Both of our meals were very good. Can you tell that my favorite part about NYC is the food?!?!?!

Bill was at his conference all day Thursday so I had to day to myself! I treated myself to a salted caramel mocha and sat in City Hall Park to start the day.

This is probably completely nerdy but I went on a tour of City Hall. It was very interesting and full of history. I learned a lot of NYC and American history and the most interesting thing I saw was a writing desk that was used by George Washington when he was President. The inside of the building was beautiful!

After City Hall, I walked towards Chinatown. I explored several streets in Chinatown and it was literally like being in a different country. It was fun to see all the different restaurant, markets and sidewalk produce. I passed several seafood markets that were completely open to the sidewalk and had shrimp, fish, lobsters, octopus and what looked like stingray {I could be completely wrong} in shallow tables and surrounded in ice.

The purpose of my Chinatown meandering was to find the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. I tried two different flavors: Black Sesame and Red Bean. They were interesting – not overly sweet but still a dessert. And yes, I did eat dessert before lunch!

After Chinatown I made my way back to the Lower East Side and browsed the Tenement Museum shop for awhile and then headed to lunch at The Meatball Shop.

This isn’t a very pretty picture but I ordered plain beef meatballs with spicy meat sauce and mozzarella cheese on a bun. Again, you really can’t go wrong with any kind of food in NYC! Since I was on vacation I took an afternoon nap and then we enjoyed dinner with the Sholes.

Bill went back to the conference Friday until lunch and I meandered down city streets that had my favorite stores like West Elm and the Container Store, enjoyed some coffee and live music in Washington Square. After lunch we walked across Central Park South and down 5th to Rockefeller Center then it was time to pick up our luggage and head to the airport. A great vacation!

October 29, 2012   2 Comments