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Friday Four: Toys for 1 Year Olds

So, it is going to be hard to limit this post to four things! Will literally likes ALL of toys so this isn’t necessarily a “favorites” list. Lets just say these toys he goes to play with over and over and over and over. See if you notice anything about this list in this age of technology!

1. Nesting/Stacking Toy

Will has this exact toy and he LOVES it. He now has the motor skills to stack the cups with a little help and of course the most fun part is knocking it over! He also uses the larger cups to haul other toys all over the house and he likes the way his voice sounds when he yells into them. All around a great toy!

2. Wagon

Will got a wagon for Christmas and I think he would sleep in it if we let him. He LOVES his little red wagon. We have gone around and around our living room, up and down the hallway and around our neighborhood on the warm days! He also likes to push the wagon around himself! And of course he likes to put stuff in it, take stuff out, put stuff in it, take stuff out. I like our radio flyer one – it is very easy to steer, has two seats that pop-up, seat belts (in case you have a wiggler), and the look is classic.

3. Balls

Will loves any and every kind of ball. We have basketballs, squishy balls, dog bals, plastic balls, bouncy balls, etc. He is now tall enough to dunk his basketballs in the goal, he likes to throw PepperAnn her balls, he likes to put the plastic balls in the skee ball game, he likes to kick balls and generally walks around with at least 1 kind of ball in his hand!

4. Cars

Will also likes all kinds of cars. He got these K’s Kids cars for Christmas and they are a lot of fun. They have soft tops and speed across the floor when you pull them back. He also has Little People cars that he zooms around, a school bus that reves up, a fire truck and a big 18 wheeler.

Well, did you notice it? None of the toys that Will chooses again and again are electronic. I think that’s interesting! My friend Elaine calles them “one hit wonders” because they only do one thing and don’t lend to imagination. So, for now I am happy that Will is not addicted to electronics because I know that will happen soon enough! Who knows, I may have a future “gamer” sleeping upstairs!

What are some of your kids favorite toys (no matter what age)? The ones they go back to over and over again?  Leave a comment below or link to your blog using MckLinky.

Oh, and I have had people tell me they’re having issues leaving a comment on my new blog. If you try to comment but it doesn’t go through or post could you let me know by emailing me: amber (at) dixondialogue (dot) com

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Friday Four: Ways to Organize Photographs

In the past I have been horrible about taking pictures – in college I went to NYC for a week and cam back with maybe 2 pictures!! But for some reason this past year I have been taking a lot of pictures. :) So, I needed to come up with a different way to organize them beause throwing them in a photo box was not working anymore. Plus, you can’t really enjoy looking at them when they’re in that state of disorganization.

I got 6 photo albums (hold 200 pictures each) for Christmas and I already have all of them full! And I still have more pictures – but I’m waiting for the albums to go on sale at Michaels. So here are some ways to organize your photos.

1. Photo Albums – Really this ideas is the oldest one there is but it is what I am doing to organize all my pictures. I am keeping out the pictures that I want to use in the scrapbook and filing away the rest. I got the idea from the girls over at Blonde Designs Blog and their post on photo albums. The albums they use are gorgeous but also cost $35! So, I am using pretty ones from Michael’s that cost about $10.

2. CD’s – Another relatively easy way to organize your pictures is to upload them onto your computer and then save them on a CD. In February’s Real Simple issue there was a picture of a woman who uses CD’s to organize her pictures and it was amazing. I tried to find the picture of her and her CD’s online but I couldn’t.

3. Computer – I also save all of my pictures on my computer so I will have a digital copy. I organize them by month and year. I use to try to have all of them categoriez by event but that was too overwhelming. Just be sure to that this is not the only place you have your pictures saved becuase if your computer ever gets a virus or goes bezerks you’ve lost all your pictures.

4. Flickr – Flickr is an online photo storage and management website. It is a free service that stores your photos and you can share them with other people or on your blog. It’s fairly simple to use.

So, do you have a favorite way that you organize your pictures? If so write about it on your blog and let me know using the McLinky below. Or leave a comment!

Will & Daddy playing Wii.

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Friday Four: Useful Web Tools

Friday Four! I hope this weeks FF will introduce you to some great and useful tools on the web. I would also love to learn what web tools you use – I’m always looking for ways to make using the web more efficient and fun. Without further ado, here are my Friday Four!

Friday Four: Useful Web Tools

1. Netvibes:

This is a free online service that allows you to access all your internet content on one site. I use it to keep track of all the blogs I read. I check site at least once a day and it lets me see which blogs have been updated and I can read the new post right there in netvibes. But it also allows me to click over to the actual website if I want to leave a comment or something. You can also use netvibes to keep track of your email, current news stories and that much more. I am sure the way I use netvibes barely scratches the surface of its capabilities.

2. WordPress:

WordPress is also a free online service and it is what I use for blogging. It is simple to use and navigate and I have not had any issues with using it. I have really come to love blogging and I think it is a great way to keep a chronicle of our life!! I like to go back and read what we were doing a year ago or a few weeks ago – it’s a lot of fun. It’s also nice when I’m trying to think of something we did but I can’t remember when we did it. I just check the blog :) A lot of people I know use Blogger for their blogs and the one upside I see to Blogger is the amount of free templates and designs that can be used with that platform.

3. Slide:

This is a new favorite for me! I used this tool to make the Christmas picture slide show a few posts ago. It is super simple to use and it has a lot of options for how you want your slideshow to look on your blog. I have not fully explored all the things offered on the website but I am sure you will be seeing more slide shows in the future.

4. Mint:

This is probably the most “boring” web tool I use. Ok, I should probably be 100% honest and say that mostly Bill uses this but I am trying to be better! is an easy way to keep track of your money. You can link it to your checking account, savings accounty, credit cards (bad!) and any other kind of money accounts you may have. You can set up a budget and it automatically keeps track of your spending. It will even show you percentages of spending for the categories you set up. This is a tool I hope to use more often and more wisely in 2010!

Do you use any web tools? If so I would love to know about them – if you have a blog use the McLinky or leave a comment below.

January 15, 2010   2 Comments

Friday Four: Favorite TV Shows

Hello! It’s Friday and that means it is time for another Friday Four! Are you excited? This weeks topic favorite TV shows. TV is toxic for your brain but I LOVE to watch TV. The thing is that Bill and I are too cheap to pay for cable so we have the basic, basic plan, you know the one they don’t advertise and you have to tell the company that yes they do offer cable for $15 a month! So, I will limit my “favorite” list to shows that come on channels that I actually have at my house. If not, the list could go on FOREVER with shows that I like off of HGTV, A&E, History channel and Disney channel! Also, I will limit my favorites to shows that are currently aired – if not ALIAS would definitely be at the top of my list.

Friday Four: Favorite TV Shows

1. CHUCK : Surprise – one of my favorites in a spy show! The basic plot of CHUCK is that Chuck, has government secrets stored in his head and along with 2        government undercover agents (Sarah and Casey) basically saves the world. Season 2 starts January 10th on NBC. So exited! This season will be different than the first because not only does Chuck have the knowledge but he also has mad spy skills.




2. The NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams I mean, who doesn’t love this face? I tried to find his apartment when we lived in New York City – and I had it narrowed down to one block! I also like the news he reports – a good mix of domestic, international and human interest stories. And have you ever seen Brian on Saturday Night Live or 30 Rock? He’s hilarious! Don’t believe me – WATCH THIS.




3. The Big Bang Theory This show is a recent favorite – I just discovered it this season. It’s so funny. It’s basically about 4 total geeks who live next door to a really cute but dumb girl (and she actually dates one of them). The show depicts their funny group dynamics and the ridiculous things they do.





4. Law & Order I like all of them – Law & Order, Special Victims and Criminal Intent. This is my favorite anytime show. There’s just something about a Law & Order marathon that thrills me! So, those are 4 of my favorites.





What are 4 of your favorite TV shows? Post your Friday Four on your blog and let me know about it using the McLinky below. If you don’t have a blog, list your Favorite Four in the comments below. This list was tougher to make than I thought it would be! I like a lot of TV shows – it was hard to narrow it down to 4!


January 8, 2010   3 Comments

Friday Four: 2010 New Year Goals

Each year Bill and I set goals in six categories: career, financial, spiritual, intellectual, physical and family. We started doing this when Bill worked for Dave Ramsey and these are the categories and advice that Dave gave. You can have more than 1 goal per category but of course you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Each goal should be written down, be specific,measurable and have a time limit. Like Dave says, “You have to be intentional with your life…”

So, here are FOUR of my 2010 goals:

Spiritual: Begin to teach Will about our Lord and Savior by reading to him out of his children’s Bible and singing songs about the Lord at least 3 times per week.

Intellectual: This year I am going to learn how to knit. I am going to learn how to knit and purl and make a scarf. Goal Date: April 1

Physical: My goal is to get 30 minutes of exercise at least 2 times a week. I will accomplish this by walking, biking or doing an exercise video. Goal Date: May 1, 2010

Career: Technically, I don’t currently have a career so I will consider my blog my “job.” My goal is to post at least 4 times each week. Keep me accountable on this one!

So, what are some of your New Year goals? I would love to know. They can be simple like mine or more meaningful or detailed really just whatever works best  for you! If you have a blog you can link your Friday Four New Year Goals using the McLinky below and if you don’t have a blog post four of your New Year Goals in the comment section.

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