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Will’s 5 Year Old Trip: Gatlinburg


One of the things we would like to do with each of our children is take them on special trips by themselves when they are 5, 10 & 15 years old. The plan is when you are 5 you get to pick anywhere in the state, 10 anywhere in the country and 15 anywhere in the world. For Will’s 5 year old trip he picked Gatlinburg so he could try ice skating and snow tubing.

photo(34) - CopyWe took Will on his 5 year old trip back in January and he was SO excited! It was special to have the one on one time with him but he missed Thomas and Thomas did not understand why Will wasn’t going to Honey’s house with him.

photo(35) - CopyThe kid is crazy. We made a pit stop at a McD’s and had to get a snack of a chocolate milkshake and french fries.


photo(36) - CopyWe stayed at the Park Vista in Gatlinburg and it was a really nice place to stay.


photo(42) - Copy

photo(40) - Copy

photo(28) - Copy

IMG_0868 - Copy

Will’s absolute favorite part of the whole trip was the awesome indoor swimming pool with 2 water slides at the hotel! He would have been perfectly content to do nothing else except swim the entire weekend.

photo(38) - Copy

photo(39) - Copy

photo(37) - CopyThe first afternoon we jumped on the bed, ate pizza, saw The Avengers on the “strip” and played Lego’s.

photo(53) - Copy

photo(54) - Copy


photo(61) - Copy

photo(50) - Copy

photo(46) - Copy

photo(49) - CopyOn Saturday we spent the day at Ober Gatlinburg, made a quick stop at the outlet mall and ate dinner with Mimi, PawPaw, Kalah, Joel & Joel’s parents at the Apple Barn. Will won a bunch of tickets at the arcade and picked out paper airplanes (one for him and one for Thomas), a baseball fan and candy.

Before the trip, all Will talked about was trying to ice skate but then he decided that he didn’t want to try it, and then changed his mind again. He and Bill got out on the ice, made it one time around the rink and they were finished. Will yelled up at me, “Mommy, this is not fun at all!”

Finally, it was time to snow tube! Will (and Bill) enjoyed this the most. It was fun to watch them slide down the hill and worth the wait to see how much fun they had doing it!


photo(44) - Copy


photo(77)The last morning we ate donuts, went swimming (of course!) and took a few pictures before heading home. We had such a good time and can’t wait to continue this tradition with the rest of the boys. We also have to learn what is in the United States and what isn’t since Will either wants to go to Mexico or China for his 10 year old trip :)

May 2, 2014   2 Comments

Valentine’s Day

Two crazy boys keep me pretty busy and that means it takes me a while before things show up here on the blog! So, almost a month late, Happy Valentine’s Day!

We spent a couple of hours on Valentine’s Day at MDO for the boys to play with their friends and have a special party lunch. They both had a good time and it was fun to see them interact with their friends. Thomas’ party was earlier than Will’s so I took Thomas down to Will’s room to play. When it was time to go, Thomas was over in the corner playing trains with 3 or 4 of Will’s classmates! It reminded me of when I would get mad because Dana was playing “my friends!”


Lunch time! I love these tables.


Thomas thoroughly enjoyed icing his cookie.


Will’s favorite part of any school day is playing in the gym.


Quite the party set up! One person even brought chocolate covered strawberries.


Pizza party!


Pouring sprinkles on his sugar cookie.



Of course, we had to go through and check out all of our Valentine’s and candy.



I think they both thoroughly enjoyed their parties and Valentine’s!


March 8, 2013   1 Comment

Little Man Charlie Baby Shower

This past weekend we (me, Ashlee & Kristen) through my sister, Dana, a baby shower. It was so much fun! Charlie got lots of great gifts and I think they are pretty much set for him to arrive. Dana has a great and very generous group of friends!

As soon as we saw the idea for a “Little Man” baby shower on Pinterest we knew that is what we wanted to do! Everything came together so perfectly. Ashlee should seriously be a party planner – she is full of great idea. The food was delicious too! We had brunch with breakfast pinwheels, quiche, yogurt parfaits, cinnamon rolls, chicken salad sandwiches (in the shape of mustaches!), fruit, veggies and cupcakes!


Kristen, Ashlee, Dana & Me


Diaper Cake – there were SO many cute details like the weight rattle and mustache pacifier.


Present Time!


The mustache stickers were a lot of fun.


Onesie banner made with a Silhouette machine.


Cupcakes with tie, mustache & Little Man toppers.


Food. Yum.



Won’t be long until Charlie is here!


Susie, Kristen, Amanda & Ashlee


Of course, my 2 crazy boys had to come to the party. {Will thought Charlie was going to come out at the party!}


Becky, Gayle, Annette & Andi (Andi’s baby girl was born last week!)


Table full of friends.


So many presents!


Mom, Dana & me – it was so hard not to laugh!


So cute. This might need to be framed :)

March 4, 2013   6 Comments

Happy Birthday Thomas!

Thomas is such a cute little fellow! He is full of personality these days, talks all the time, loves Cars, Bubba and “PeppaAnn.” And he is still a cuddly guy who likes to be held and love on his Mommy and Daddy. We had his 2nd birthday party at Playside, an indoor playground, and he had a blast!

Mimi, Grandmama, PawPaw, Nonny & Mandy

Honey and Dana {It’s scary how much they look alike.}

Thomas and Jacob

Will, Greyson and Aubrey

Thomas snatched Greyson’s hat.

Abbi, Jacob, Will, Teagan & Nathan


Piper Jane

Thomas sliding head first.

Papa and Thomas

Thomas knew exactly what to do when we sang Happy Birthday this year!

Present time! He had lots of help from big brother and cousins.

Thomas, being Thomas.

Brayden and Nathan

You know it’s a good party, when someone ends up like this!

Thank you everybody {I couldn’t fit everyone’s picture in this post!} for coming out and celebrating Thomas’ 2nd birthday with us!

February 4, 2013   4 Comments

Happy New Year!

Our friends, Tim & Jennifer, invited us over to celebrate New Year’s at fake midnight! There were snacks, fireworks and lots of  playing with two of of the boys favorite friends. My boys love Brooks and Gavin and enjoyed celebrating with them {and their cousin, Alli}!

Time for fireworks!

Will was in rare form :)

Brooks, Gavin & Alli watching the fireworks

Brooks was mesmerized by the sparkler

Alli twirling the sparklers.

Thomas wasn’t a big fan of fireworks or sparklers!

It took Will a minute to decide to try the sparklers but then he LOVED them.

Thanks McFarland’s for a fun New Year’s Party!

January 1, 2013   Comments Off on Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas: 5

We spent the afternoon at Honey and Papa’s house on Christmas Day. Santa was there! The boys and I were downstairs when he arrived and when Will heard his sleigh bells he about jumped out of his skin he was running so fast.

Everybody had to get their picture made with Santa!

Before lunch we opened our stockings and the boys opened 1 present each. They both got a Mr. Potato Head and played with them until lunch was ready.

After lunch there were more present to open!

The boys got matching Batman {and Superman} shirts! When Bill and Will were changing Will looked up at him and said, “If the three of us wear this, nothing can stop us!”

December 30, 2012   2 Comments

Merry Christmas: 4

We spent Christmas Eve at Nonny and PawPaw’s house. We had a fun day with Nonny, PawPaw, Mandy, Adam, Aubrey, Greyson and Pam – opening lots of presents, eating lots of food and lots of playing!

We had to bribe Will with sneak peak into his stocking to get his picture made in front of the tree.

It was fun to watch Thomas “catch on” to opening stockings and presents. He was really thrilled with this Thomas the Train movie.

My boys opening presents.

Aubrey had a HUGE bag full of American Girl accessories – but before she opened it she was chanting, “please don’t be clothes!”

DREAMLITE!!! Will has been wanting one of these for a  very long time.

Greyson opening presents.

I love how Thomas lays down to play with trucks.

Pam and Aubrey playing with her American Girl doll and horse.

Towards the end of the day, they all wanted to change into their new clothes – Avengers for the big boys, a pretty sweater for Aubrey and a “Jake” shirt for Thomas!

December 29, 2012   1 Comment

Merry Christmas: 3

We hosted the big Dixon Family Christmas at our house this year. If it’s at your house you get to choose the menu and gift giving – so we chose to have a mashed potato bar with lots of toppings plus lots of delicious other food. For gifts, we asked everyone to bring a small item for each person’s stocking and then we played JINGO {Christmas Bingo where you can keep playing and “steal” prizes} – and everyone ended up with a $5 gift card.

Will was Santa’s little helper and put our treats into the stockings.

After stockings and before JINGO

I didn’t get too many pictures! It’s hard to take host, keep track of 2 boys and take pictures :)

December 28, 2012   1 Comment