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We had quite the ordeal getting everyone home yesterday – boys ended up staying at Nonny & PawPaw’s after I sat in traffic on Amnicola Hwy. from 11:45 – 4:30!! So, today when everyone was FINALLY home – they boys were SO excited to play in the snow!!!


I think Lucas was upset that I don’t have a jacket big enough to fit around him. :) And I’m upset that the only time it ever snows in Chattanooga is when I’m pregnant and can’t go sledding! The boys went sledding and I got some video but I’m having trouble uploading it. Here they are walking back up the hill. They started at our house, went around the curve and down a big hill.




Will and I attempted to build a snowman. I couldn’t get the snow to stick together so Will decided that we build a snow volcano with arms & a nose. He was probably as proud of this as he would have been over a real snowman!


Even PepperAnn enjoyed playing in the snow! She ran in crazy circles while Thomas chased her and tried to hit her with snowballs. Surprisingly, I think Thomas enjoyed the snow the very most! He stayed out longer than Will and then went back out after we had warmed up for a few minutes.


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One Response to “Snow!”

  1. Grandmama says:

    I know the boys will remember all the fun in the snow. You have a great place for sledding. All of our grandchildren did as well! Ah! Such good times.