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New Hobby {aka I <3 FB resell pages}

For the past several years I have thought that I would really enjoy an embroidery machine. I love the look of monogrammed & appliqued things! I always hinted to Bill that I would like one as a Christmas present, but the machines are expensive, and we don’t generally drop that much money on ourselves or our kids at Christmas (or any other time.) This year after Christmas I decided that I would really like an embroidery machine and that I would save the money I received as gifts and start saving up to buy one. Then, inspiration hit. Our attic (and some of our closets) were full of good things that we simply weren’t using. I decided to sell the items on a Chattanooga Moms Resell page on Facebook – I figured it would help me a little towards the cost of an embroidery machine. Well, almost $400 later, I bought a machine!! I couldn’t believe it.


After research and talking to friends, I decided to buy the Brother PE-770. And so far I love it! It has been easy to learn and start using. Of course, I have a lot still to learn! A HUGE thank you to my friends Emily & Kelly who helped me figure out what I needed to get started.

My first attempt at using the machine was comical. I was trying to wind the bobbin thread, did something terribly wrong, and the thread ended up wrapping around the shaft of the bobbin winder instead of on the bobbin. Thankfully, my wonderful husband came to the rescue and cut the thread off with a knife and tweezers. After that adventure, I used an old, stained onesie and some scraps of fabric I had in the attic to try it out. It was a bit of a disaster – I had to rip it out, start over, cut a hole in the onesie, & didn’t cut the fabric close enough to the stitch. Despite all of that, I was still happy with my first attempt.


My next attempt turned out a lot better. I still practiced on an old onesie and used scrap fabric, but had a much better finished product.


On the last day of Dana & my Mom’s Christmas break, Mom babysat and Dana and I headed to JoAnn. I was so excited when I remembered that Dana “owed” me some money from random things and I started a fabric stash. I got lots of cute fabrics – and the good thing with applique is that just a little fabric goes a long way.

Now I’m starting to get brave! I made a cute bird onesie for a client at Choices – she loved it. I blocked out her baby’s name in this picture for privacy reasons but it turned out great (I think.)

edited bird shirtLast night, I practiced a design that I am going to make Will, Thomas & Charlie for Valentine’s Day. I feel like you have to be careful with this type of clothing for older boys especially because you don’t want them to look too babyish but I found a manly monster truck with hearts in the back design. I practiced with scrap material I had but I think it’s going to look handsome when I make them with the right fabric.


Have you started a new hobby lately? Or rediscovered one you love? How about an awesome Christmas present that you can’t stop using?


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One Response to “New Hobby {aka I <3 FB resell pages}”

  1. Kelly says:

    That’s so awesome!!! Your bird shirt turned out beautifully!!! And honestly, the baseball one is great for a first attempt!! It does take some experimenting before you feel totally comfortable. I definitely agree that the monster truck is boy-appropriate:)