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April 2013


Boys can be so incredibly sweet. We spent one warm afternoon riding bikes and climbing trees then the boys picked all these flowers for their Mommy.


Apparently being able to climb this structure is a rite of passage at MDO. When I picked Will up this day¬† he was so proud of himself and couldn’t wait to show me his new trick. Thanks to his friend Elias who taught him how to climb it.


Thomas is really turning into his own little person. While he usually does whatever Bubba (Will) does sometimes he has his own ideas! This day we had headed inside from the backyard and Thomas decided he wasn’t ready to go in yet. When I turned around he had planted himself in the grass and was playing with a stick.




Each spring MDO had a Trike-A-Thon benefiting St. Jude’s. Will was super excited that he had a bike to ride this year! (Last year he rode his tricycle.) Will rode his bike around the circle 30 times!! He was riding so hard that his teacher had to go out and make him stop and take a drink of water. He doesn’t like to wear his bicycle helmet so I made him wear his baseball helmet instead.



We received a zoo membership for Christmas this year and we have enjoyed it on several occasions already. The boys like all the animals but their favorite one on this visit was this large rat creature. I can’t remember its name but it’s the largest animal in the rodent family. We came back to look at this 3 different times!

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