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Meet Thatcher


Back in May we added a new pet to our house – Thatcher! She is a sweet kitten and the boys were instantly in love with her. She is very good with the boys and takes a lot of “rough love” from them without biting or scratching.


Will adores Thatcher and the feeling is mutual. You can usually find Thatcher following Will around the house or snuggled up in his bed for her afternoon rest.


Thomas really likes Thatcher too but she’s not as sure about him. She is usually too fast for him to catch her but he learned that she doesn’t move as fast if he sneaks up on her while she’s eating or drinking!

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One Response to “Meet Thatcher”

  1. grandmama says:

    So happy to be reading all about the family
    once again: Missed that! Proud of the boys and
    the activities they enjoy. Love those little guys
    so very much! Thanks MOM for taking time to blog!