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Valentine’s Day

Two crazy boys keep me pretty busy and that means it takes me a while before things show up here on the blog! So, almost a month late, Happy Valentine’s Day!

We spent a couple of hours on Valentine’s Day at MDO for the boys to play with their friends and have a special party lunch. They both had a good time and it was fun to see them interact with their friends. Thomas’ party was earlier than Will’s so I took Thomas down to Will’s room to play. When it was time to go, Thomas was over in the corner playing trains with 3 or 4 of Will’s classmates! It reminded me of when I would get mad because Dana was playing “my friends!”


Lunch time! I love these tables.


Thomas thoroughly enjoyed icing his cookie.


Will’s favorite part of any school day is playing in the gym.


Quite the party set up! One person even brought chocolate covered strawberries.


Pizza party!


Pouring sprinkles on his sugar cookie.



Of course, we had to go through and check out all of our Valentine’s and candy.



I think they both thoroughly enjoyed their parties and Valentine’s!


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One Response to “Valentine’s Day”

  1. Grandmama says:

    Great holiday: How cute to watch little ones
    enjoying all the festivities and eats. I could have
    had fun at that party! Love my two babies. GOd’s so
    good to allow us this time! Thanks for being so faithful updating your blog!