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Quiet Time, Lately


Will hasn’t taken a daily nap on any kind of consistent basis since he was a little over 3 years old. Some days his behavior is out of control or he was up late the night before and he will sleep but most days he doesn’t. It has been a challenge to figure out what do with him for those couple of hours that Thomas is resting and I either need to get things done around the house or rest myself.

Lately, our routine has been to put Thomas down for nap and then “do school” if we haven’t already for the day. “School” usually takes about 30 minutes (sometimes longer if we do a craft) and then Will plays in his room or watches a movie until quiet time is over.


This particular day he wanted to bring down all of his animal friends, watch Transformers and eat popcorn!


It’s fun that he gets “big kid” time while Thomas sleeps and he feels lucky to get a little extra TV!

Do your preschoolers still nap? If not, do you still have a daily rest or quiet time?

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One Response to “Quiet Time, Lately”

  1. Grandmama says:

    Nothing better than a good “story”, popcorn
    and friends! Will! My fellow! Love him so much.