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Merry Christmas: 5

We spent the afternoon at Honey and Papa’s house on Christmas Day. Santa was there! The boys and I were downstairs when he arrived and when Will heard his sleigh bells he about jumped out of his skin he was running so fast.

Everybody had to get their picture made with Santa!

Before lunch we opened our stockings and the boys opened 1 present each. They both got a Mr. Potato Head and played with them until lunch was ready.

After lunch there were more present to open!

The boys got matching Batman {and Superman} shirts! When Bill and Will were changing Will looked up at him and said, “If the three of us wear this, nothing can stop us!”

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2 Responses to “Merry Christmas: 5”

  1. GRandmama says:

    Wonderful pictures: SO happy you “share” family
    times with us! We have a wonderful “circle of family”:
    Blessing for sure! I agree with AbbasGirl, I love Will.
    He makes fun in everything.