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Merry Christmas: 1

We have really enjoyed being able to wake up at our own house for two Christmas’ now. I still wake up about every hour the night before because I’m so excited about Christmas morning! Our morning didn’t start too early and we had to wake Thomas up because he is a late sleeper. I can’t decide if it more fun to be a kid on Christmas morning or the parent.

I love how a stocking full of small, inexpensive things can bring so much happiness!

So excited about Woody!! Their “big” present this year was: Woody, Buzz & Jessie – they are both in love with them! Over the course of all our Christmases the boys managed to collect practically every toy from Toy Story.

Bill made me a large ruler to put on the wall similar to this. And I made him a book full of 12 date ideas for the next year – hopefully we will remember to take a picture each time we go out to fill up the book.

It was a fun morning full of toys, playing and doughnuts! Loved it.

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3 Responses to “Merry Christmas: 1”

  1. AbbasGirl says:

    I think Christmas is even more fun as a parent! Have fun with Toy Story. :)

  2. Mimi says:

    Thomas looks like “Why is Bubba getting all this stuff and I’m not opening anything. (But we all know he did)

  3. Grandmama says:

    Love the RULER! That will be nice and decorative!
    Those are 2 cute little boys! They seem to always
    enjoy small toys! Easy to handle! The book idea sounds
    like a lot of fun….sure loved ours from Christmas!