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Christmas Craft

Will has never been big into “arts and crafts.” He usually comes home from church or MDO with something the teacher has made for him! But, I do occasionally try to encourage him to do something creative with his hands. Inspired by Pinterest and my friend Meredith the goal was to make hand print Christmas trees.

Will liked getting his hand painted one time – the rest may have resulted in a few tears. But, his tree turned out cute. Thomas enjoyed getting his hand painted and wanted to smear the paint all over the canvas. We couldn’t get a picture of Thomas or the paint would have been all over the kitchen.

While waiting for the canvas to dry, Will “painted” Thomas’ hand with water. Thomas thought this part was the most fun!

After the canvas dried, the boys used their “Do-A-Dot” paint to decorate their trees with ornaments. Will was very selective with his ornament placement and Thomas has to be reigned in a bit :) After the boys went to bed I painted on stars and trunks and hung it up in the living room.

A fun afternoon craft!

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3 Responses to “Christmas Craft”

  1. Karen says:

    I loved it!! It looked so cute hanging on the wall – I think it was worth the few tears for now you have an adorable keepsake!

  2. Grandmama says:

    This is the gift that keeps on giving! Hand prints
    for life of 2 precious little fellows. They’ll enjoy
    them as well when they are older. A gift for always!
    So cute!