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Another Kitchen Makeover: Part 2

The next thing on our kitchen “to-do” list was paint. The kitchen originally had a nice, neutral green – not bad but apparently our style is becoming more bold because we wanted a color that would really pop. We also wanted a color that would be more “modern” against the traditional color and style of the cabinets. The color winner was: Key Largo by Olympic and I love it.

I had Bill take this picture of me because painting above the cabinetry where there is no counter top was just a bit awkward!

We really like the way the cabinets and paint color look together. The new color is bold and bright and be honest I wasn’t sure that I liked it for the first day or so. I loved the color but I wasn’t sure it was “right” for the kitchen – it kind of took me by surprise every time I walked in the room. But with some other updates we have made (to be shared soon) and some art on the walls  to break it up – I love it.

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One Response to “Another Kitchen Makeover: Part 2”

  1. Karen says:

    I really like the color! I think the natural wood looks really good next to it. Can’t wait to see it in person!