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Another Kitchen Makeover: Part 1

There was absolutely nothing wrong with our kitchen – it just wasn’t our style. I tried for weeks months to convince Bill to paint the cabinets (like in our Nashville house) but he wasn’t going for it. It is so time consuming and frankly, between working a bazillion hours and spending time with me and the boys he just doesn’t have the time. So,we had to come up with a plan that worked with our existing cabinet finish.  First up, putting up a new light fixture.

Changing a light fixture is an easy and relatively inexpensive upgrade. When Bill took down the fluorescent (these should not be allowed in homes! Ick.) we found that we needed a junction box in order to put up the new track fixture. My Dad sent over an electrician while Bill was at work and then we were ready to hang the light.

I took this picture of Bill and then the real fun began. We probably looked like a couple of clowns, both standing on the same ladder, one of us holding the light fixture in the right spot and the other putting in the screws! Then Bill attached the ends and patched the holes in the ceiling from the fluorescent light.

The next day Buzz Lightyear showed up to help Bill sand down the plaster in the ceiling.

Ah! This new light makes me smile every time I walk into the kitchen. It’s the little things people! Up next, paint, backsplash,and decorations.

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2 Responses to “Another Kitchen Makeover: Part 1”

  1. Diane says:

    LOVE it! When we did the same thing in our town home it was almost like a new kitchen. Such a big difference! If you’re itching to do more, maybe you can talk him into a smaller project like a back splash? (Well, small compared to repainting the cabinets, right?!)