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What Are We Going To Do With This Boy?

Thomas is just bursting with personality these days. He is his own boy, with his own ideas yet he tries to imitate every. single. thing. that Will says or does. Sometimes this gets him in tricky situations such as when he is climbing up the steps on the outside of the railing and gets “stuck” on the second step. Thomas has also decided that sitting in the seat of a shopping cart is for babies and he now prefers to “help” push or hang on to the basket. He has also stopped crying when I drop him off at nurser and MDO.

Thomas has a little fan club at church. There are about 3 older high school girls who work in the nursery and have taken a liking to Thomas. They especially love that he wears TOMS. He is too cute to resist! One Sunday morning we were making the boys leave the playground after church and Thomas was not happy about it. At just that time the girls were walking by and said, “Thomas, what’s the matter?” Thomas let go of my hand and ran, crying into the arms of the girl bending down!

Last week, Will, Thomas, Bill and my parents were eating dinner at Cracker Barrel when a waitress walked over and said, “Is that Thomas?” And continued on saying they were friends from church and she just loved him and his TOMS and that he probably didn’t recognize her in her work clothes! Everyone got a big kick out of that!

And this is completely inappropriate but hilarious. One day Thomas had on a shirt that had a picture of a dog on it. I pointed to it and said, “dog shirt.” He went around the whole day pointing at his shirt and saying, “dog sh*t.”

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2 Responses to “What Are We Going To Do With This Boy?”

  1. Grandmama says:

    HE is such a honey! God did good on him!
    HE is full of love and personality: I cherish each
    of his “good hugs” I receive. He’s alrady got the girls
    falling for him, huh! ALL AGES AT THAT! Love him!

  2. Mimi says:

    That little guy has personality plus. (The little flirt)