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Mom Monday: Getting Ready

Today is full of things we need to get done!

First, we had to take PA to the groomer because she was infested with fleas!!!! Yuck! And of course I have been itching all over just thinking about fleas.

Second, I have to get my house picked up and semi-clean because we have our Home Study Safety Check tomorrow for foster parenting.

Third, I have to go grocery shopping after dinner because I refuse to go with the boys when it is freezing and raining! We need food and we need a box and lock that we can store our medicine in {for the Home Safety Check}

BUT, I am looking forward to a day “off” tomorrow after all this work today! The boys are going to MDO and then Honey is picking them up for a slumber party :)

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2 Responses to “Mom Monday: Getting Ready”

  1. Grandmama says:

    What a job you have before you. Good luck on the
    home study ahead. IT is a day for relaxing and
    staying inside if possible. Hug the boys for me.