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Editating Will’s Room

For some reason, Will calls decorating – editating. It’s cute so we say it all the time!  A few weeks ago, I decided to start re-editating Will’s room. His room was fine but a little bland and we have almost been in this house for a year so it’s time to start some home improvement projects! I started by turning his bed around – it had been against the wall in the corner of the room.

Please notice how ridiculous and crazy these boys are during the entire process! I thought it might take me about 100 years to get this project done.

“Look Mom, crayons! Can I eat these?”

Bed in its new position. Thomas standing on top of the table. New {to us} bookcase in the left corner.  Toy box moved from the play room to house the bajillion stuffed animals. Projects In Progress: I am going to sand down and paint an old sewing machine table for Will to use as a nightstand. We also need to move his artwork over so that it is centered over his headboard.

Will has a corkboard, whiteboard, and his alphabet posters on this short wall next to the bookcase. Right now {after this picture was taken} Will has his calendar, days of the week, weather and his weekly Bible Verse on the corkboard plus his “Cars” magnets on the whiteboard. We use these things most days for “school.”

We are all loving the bookcase that Honey let us have. She used this in her classroom for ever! It is so easy for Will & Thomas to get books out and put them back {the best part!}

Thomas on top of the table AGAIN. I moved the bookcases to either side of  the closet door. I also went through all of the “school” stuff we have collected the past few months and put similar things together and made sure his quiet time boxes and crayons and coloring books were easily accessible.

Will is thoroughly enjoying his “new” room. Since changing Will’s bed over into a double and getting the new mattress he had been sleeping on sheets and just using  his blanket until the editating occurred. I had narrowed down the options for his bedspread down to two: one from PBKids and one from Target. I really liked the PBKids one but never could convince myself it was worth the hefty price tag. The one from Target was not cheap but it was a lot less. One night we went to Target just to look at it in person and the duvet set with 2 shams was marked down from $60 to $18!! What luck – we bought two sets :) {Saving one for when Thomas moves into Will’s room}

Thomas puts on such a sweet persona but he is really wild and crazy at home! Who even knows what he is doing here?!?!?

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2 Responses to “Editating Will’s Room”

  1. Grandmama says:

    Love your editating! Looks so nice and well
    organized. I love the ‘sale” you lucked up on too!
    Thomas loved “helping” I’m sure. When you finish,
    come on down and do something helpful for these 2 old people!

  2. Cindy says:

    Love the bookshelf! On the hunt for something similar.