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Spider Man

Will has recently become obsessed with super heroes and in particular, Spider Man. We found episodes on Netflix of  “Spider Man and his Amazing Friends” made in the 80’s and Will thinks they are the. best. things. ever. He is Spider Man, Thomas is Ice Man and I am Fire Star. His obsession has led him to owning a Spider Man costume that covers him head to toe and he wears it at least for a little while every single day. At the beginning of this obsession I caught him jumping off of everything “because he’s Spider Man.” And by everything I mean the playset, the kitchen table, the kitchen counters, the side of the bathtub and especially his bed!



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3 Responses to “Spider Man”

  1. Karen says:

    What great pictures — I love the way PepperAnne never moves!! The way Will loves costumes, I think you should enroll him in an acting class.

    • Amber says:

      Yes, I love how PA has become accustomed to the craziness that is life with 2 boys! And Will definitely has the ability to “act” since we go days pretending we are different people and only doing things that person would do. I think you would call him a “method actor.”

  2. Grandmama says:

    Such a little “ham”! You better watch him as he
    gets higher and thinks he’ll be OK from wherever
    he jumps!!!! A MOTHER’S job is constant! He’s always
    had that vivid imagination!!! Just a cutie pie!