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First Day of MDO: 2012

The boys have been in their new classes at MDO for a couple of months now and they are loving their new teachers. Thomas is so sweet, he likes playing with his friends and doesn’t cry when I leave him anymore. He always waves bye and blows kisses to his teachers. Thomas also likes to play on the playground, he will hold onto the rope to move from place to place and takes a nap on a floor mat. Sometimes he is still asleep when I get there to pick him up and he usually has a blanket covering his entire body from hair to toes. He loves being in the 1 year old class because he gets to get a treat at the end of the day and he usually chooses a sucker.

Will really likes being in the 3 year old class because they don’t have to lay down and take a rest! He really enjoys his teachers, especially Mr. CJ & Mr. Jared because they run around with the boys and act crazy. This year, Will is making friends in class and comes home talking about what everyone has done that day. He still doesn’t overly enjoy crafts and usually comes home with something his teacher made for him! Will is always excited when it is school day and goes in a different “character” every week. Every Tuesday his teachers ask him what his name is that day and they call him that all day at school {his favorites are Jake & Elliott.} Will is usually running like a crazy man on the playground or in the gym when I pick him up. His favorite afterschool treat is a sucker or smarties.

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One Response to “First Day of MDO: 2012”

  1. grandmama says:

    Happiness is knowing your children are happy:
    Anytime spent with these 2 little ones make
    for happiness! Will is “ACTION” and cannot sit still
    for crafts. Be funny is he turns out to be an artist or something, right?