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Bed Buddies

We are bad parents and let the boys play on our bed. They love it and it keeps them contained and doesn’t create a mess. Don’t knock it til you try it! A few months ago when traveling it finally dawned on us why Thomas CANNOT go to sleep in a regular bed – he literally would play around for an hour before passing out – he thought beds were for playing not sleeping! Now we always take the pack n play when we won’t be sleeping at home.

This weekend in Nashville, Bill was getting the sofa bed ready for Will while I put Thomas’ pajamas on. Thomas got finished, climbed up on the sofa bed, pulled the covers up and said “Night. Night.” Will thought it was the greatest thing ever and asked if they could sleep together. We said, yes thinking it would probably last all of about 20 minutes. Unbelievably, those two settled down and fell asleep in 15 minutes and slept all night long! It was so precious.

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One Response to “Bed Buddies”

  1. Grandmama says:

    They are growing up and growing close as brothers!
    Fights, scrapes, all part of the growing process, but
    love is feelings! So sweet!