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Mom Monday: I’m Still Around

It seems I’m on track to blog about 2 times per month! Normal every day life has been keeping us pretty busy {and I seem to have forgotten we own a camera!}

In other news, we have our first visit this afternoon from the DCS worker who will be writing our home study. She actually came to our house last week {a week early} and the boys and I were still in our PJ’s and had been cleaning the house. Let’s just say, it was a great first impression!

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3 Responses to “Mom Monday: I’m Still Around”

  1. Karen says:

    When I woke up this morning I remembered today was the day for the in-home visit and said a quick prayer for you.

  2. Grandmama says:

    Praying whatever God wills proves to be your
    result in this venture. Love you guys!!!

  3. AbbasGirl says:

    Excited to hear you are making progress on your foster parent license! So far all the social workers, case aids, intake workers, etc who have been to our house have been great. And occasionally I am still in yoga pants with no make up and the vacuum cleaner out when they arrive. Most of them have kids of their own and they know what it is like! And the others see children in horrible situations and they won’t judge you for still being in your pj’s. :)