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Mom Monday: I Guess I’m Old

I guess I am officially getting old since I had to get glasses! Over the past several weeks I had noticed that I was getting headaches when I was reading, working on the computer and driving. So I had my eyes checked out and sure enough needed glasses.

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6 Responses to “Mom Monday: I Guess I’m Old”

  1. Grandmama says:

    You’re not getting old! You’re going for the
    “Intelligent look” now that everyone is heading
    back to school!

  2. Honey says:


    • Amber says:

      I can always count on my parents to leave positive, uplifting, affirming comments on the blog! If you’re not careful I won’t let you mow the grass this week :)

  3. Dad says:

    I’m sorry please let me mow the yard I promise I want call u a nerd again this week

  4. Karen says:

    It’s not old – it’s just “tired” eye syndrome!! And IF you are a nerd, it’s probably from being around my nephew so much!!!!