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Ashlee & Marshall Get Married

Ashlee, my cousin, got married Saturday night. It was a beautiful outside wedding with lots of unique and rustic decorations, delicious food, dancing and a really fun photo booth! Will took the small digital camera and took all of these pictures at the reception. The bride & groom doing the first dance.

There are several pictures of completely random things!

His favorite “subjects” were the people he knew so almost all of the pictures are of us. Dana was a bridesmaid.

Lauren & Dana. Lauren is our cousin and Will & Thomas loves her! She carried Thomas all over and Will was stuck to her side.

Jonathan & Dana. Isn’t their short dresses with cowboy boots cute?

I got to cut the cake which was a really fun job – not nearly as hard or as intimidating as I thought it would be :)

Claire was a flower girl and did a great job.

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2 Responses to “Ashlee & Marshall Get Married”

  1. Mimi says:

    Yeah, I’m like Will, I just like to see the people I know———and love.
    I’m glad you got Dana from heaad to toe cause I wanted to see how she looked. She was cute of course!