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Mom Monday: Being Mommy

I may have gone into motherhood kicking, screaming and holding onto the door frame but now? Now I can’t imagine anything better! The joy, frustration, laughter and challenges of being a mother is almost something that I can’t describe in words.


Will: Thomas if you want to borrow my car and share then you just have to say “May I borrow your car, please?” And then I’ll say, “Yes you may.” You don’t have to scream.

Thomas: Goo, Gah, Mama, Buh, Buh

Will: Yes, you may. Mommy! We’re sharing!

I love being absolutely ridiculous because it’s fun and you have kids who think it’s hilarious. There’s nothing better than running through the house and pretending a monster is going to get you. Or sitting with all 3 of our heads within inches of each other and screaming as loud as we can, just because.

It’s great to have a camera FULL of pictures with one person cut out, the ceiling of the car, close ups of PepperAnn, Buzz & their “cute chair.”

It’s great that they deem you as good of an object to take a picture of as his most recent boo boo.

{Most photos taken by Will at Ashlee’s wedding & Sunday morning}

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2 Responses to “Mom Monday: Being Mommy”

  1. Mimi says:

    Do you mean Thomas is actually walking???
    Yes, it’s fun to grow up with your kids and act crazy!!!!!!! They’re only little once and it doesn’t last long so ENJOY!

  2. I like your hair cut!