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Thomas the Climber

Thomas is constantly surprising us with new things he has learned to do. We keep a step stool out in our kitchen most of the time so Will can help me cook and this is what I found the other day…..

…. he was so proud of himself! Now we have to be extra careful about leaving the stool out because he can get into all sorts of trouble. Thomas also likes to climb on other things, his favorites being the stool in the bathroom to steal brother’s toothbrush and the ladder to slide down the slide.

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One Response to “Thomas the Climber”

  1. Grandmama says:

    Mercy Me! Boys! They’ll climb any and everything.
    You better get your “eyes in the back of your head”
    all polished up for watching that one! Don’t want
    any broken bones or burns! And they wonder why Moms get gray! :~)