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Thomas’ First Steps

Thomas took his first steps on Friday, April 6. He took several steps, two different times but has refused to do so ever since!

The four of us were playing on the bed in the master bedroom (my boys love to play on all the beds so we do all the time – usually pirates or Winnie the Pooh) and we were acting like crazy people when all of a sudden I noticed that Thomas was standing up and taking steps. He dropped down and we all clapped and cheered! A little while later he took several more steps in his room as we were getting ready for bed. We were all so excited!

For the past week, whenever we try to get Thomas to walk he immediately drops down to his knees and if he’s feeling particularly ornery he screams and throws his head back.

Ironically, he walks circles around the train table while pushing a train on the track!

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2 Responses to “Thomas’ First Steps”

  1. Grandmama says:

    YEA!!!! Now your trouble really begins!:~)
    So cute: The boys will really be all over the
    place! Grab your vitamins Mom and Dad!

  2. Desiree says:

    Yay Thomas! I’m kind of looking forward to Ethan walking- it makes going to the park easier because I’m not a fan of him crawling all over the ground! Ethan also makes the face that Thomas is making here… we call him a little cabbage patch kid when he does it! Thomas has grown up so fast! Your boys are adorable :) Look forward to seeing you… I’ll msg you back soon on FB. :)