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Mom Monday: Perspective

Do you ever completely lose perspective? I do. Often.

I am not absolutely sure how it happens but it’s a slow, gradual decline into self absorption. And it’s ugly. The things that consume me aren’t necessarily bad – my boys, fun activities, cute clothes, tinkering with the house, and the list goes on – but they should not be my entire focus in life.

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit usually gets my attention before it gets too ugly. I am always struggling with what I am suppose to be doing to make a difference. How am I suppose to live so that my every day is glorifying God? How am I suppose to use my resources to help those in need? How am I living out my faith so that my boys can see?

What do you do to make sure your perspective isn’t off? How do you live each day to God’s glory? How do you use what God has entrusted you with to help others?


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One Response to “Mom Monday: Perspective”

  1. Grandmama says:

    Your everyday life with your children and how
    you interact with them is a daily example of
    a “GODLY MOM”. That’s seen by others and is encouraging to those watching. Begin each day as you open your eyes with a prayer of thanksgiving for the blessings you already have and those God has waiting for you. Get up and enjoy all that comes your way. Opportunities come wherever you are and in all your activities:People are watching that you’ll influence whithout ever knowing anything about it. End your day in prayer and thanksgiving for all the day had brought; good or trying!Those strengthen us!! Love to you and all my “children” daily! You are all in my prayers daily!