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First Day of Mother’s Day Out

Yesterday, the boys started Mother’s Day Out at Bayside Baptist. They were both excited about “school” and we actually got there WAY early and had to wait a few minutes for the teachers! I’m sure that will never happen again.

Thomas’ teachers are Mrs. Julie and Mrs. Carolyn. They reported that Thomas was “happy and playful” all day long, ate all of his lunch and took an 1.5 hour nap. So proud of my big boy for having a great first day and only crying for a minute when I left.

Will’s teachers are Mrs. Sylvia and Mrs. Becky and he also had a great first day! He said that he had fun playing on the playground and with cars. He ate all of his lunch and wait for it…… he took a nap! I about fainted when I got to his classroom and he was sound asleep on the floor. I let him take Mickey Mouse to school for rest time so he would have something to entertain himself while he had to lay down never imagining he would actually sleep.

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2 Responses to “First Day of Mother’s Day Out”

  1. Pam says:

    Glad your boys liked Mother’s Day Out. Good for them and good for you (win, win)! Thomas looks like such a big boy in these pictures!

  2. Grandmama says:

    These have to be two of the cutest boys
    in the universe! Happy they enjoyed the
    “school” and contact with others. Can you tell
    I sort of love them? Couldn’t believe Will took a nap! GREAT!