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Oh The Irony

Yesterday Will looked up at me and said, “Girls talk too much.”

I about fell out in the floor. These words coming from Will’s mouth was just too much! Will has not stopped talking since the day he learned his first word.

When we play cars the cars talk to each other. When we play Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh we have to act out an episode he’s recently seen and talk. He talks constantly in the car. He makes his bathtub toys talk. He even talks when he’s taking care of business. And if he’s not talking to somebody he’s muttering under his breath about something.

When I asked him why he thought girls talk too much he responded “I don’t know, that’s just what Peter Can (Pan) says!”

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2 Responses to “Oh The Irony”

  1. Mimi says:

    If you remember— I use to use different voices when I read to you and Dana.