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The Details: Thomas’ 1st Birthday

I had such a good time planning Thomas’ first birthday party! Although I almost had a meltdown when I couldn’t find a plain white long-sleeved t-shirt to have embroidered :) Since one of Thomas’ favorite activities is eating The Very Hungry Caterpillar was a very fitting party theme.

Invitations: Since we invited family and a few friends that I see on a weekly basis I hand delivered the invitations in mason jar. The party details were printed on a green leaf and each invite had a caterpillar inside.

The more I use my Silhouette the more I love it! I used it to make the leaf invitations and the jar toppers.

We had a giant strawberry and caterpillar to welcome our party guests. I made it using a red poster board, green scrapbook paper, a paper mache 1 and scanned the book cover and cut out the caterpillar. I still have it up because I think it’s cute.

We had all kinds of different caterpillars!

I loved going back through all our pictures and picking out one of each month. It makes your realize just how much your baby grows in one year.

Caterpillar cupcake. I can only take credit for the fondant and platter embellishments.

Above the food table I hung paper lanterns to make a caterpillar and taped on cardstock eyes & nose.

We ate all the fruit…

and junk that the very hungry caterpillar ate.

Dana made the cutest {and most delicious} ice cream cone cookies.

I made Thomas a small smash cake – which we all know he barely touched.

There were lots of yummy cupcakes!

Ideas Found:

Highchair Caterpillar

Caterpillar Monthly Pictures

Caterpillar Lantern

Front Door & Food Labels



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8 Responses to “The Details: Thomas’ 1st Birthday”

  1. AbbasGirl says:

    So cute! I love the caterpillar made out of lanterns.

  2. Karen says:

    The house looked so cute! What a great idea, taking his favorite book and embellishing from there. You are such a creative person & I love seeing all your ideas. I think my favorite thing was the picture caterpillar.

  3. Grandmama says:

    Just adorable party: Loved all the food, decorations
    and fellowship of family! Thomas is such a precious
    little fellow.. I thought the cone cookies were so good. Dana did good! I didn’t pass up anything… Can’t wait to see all the creative ideas my girls find for parties. LOVED IT!

  4. Honey says:

    Master party planner…I don’t know who was more excited you or Will definitely not the birthday boy!

  5. Nonny says:

    Everything was perfect!! Loved the caterpillar theme too!

  6. Heather says:

    I love it!! So cute! Can you help me plan Hannah and Hunter’s next birthday’s? I can’t believe Thomas is already one. He is so cute. Miss you all.

  7. Pam says:

    You just outdid yourself! Had a great time!

  8. Mimi says:

    Everything was sooooo cute. You and your sister are so creative—–I wonder who you get that from??? Certainly not me