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The Party: Thomas’ 1st Birthday

Bill and Will got the balloons ready for the party.

The task must have exhausted them…..

…. because they had to take a nap…..

…. and I have no idea what exhausted PepperAnn!

Thomas stayed busy playing with the balloons.

We had a room full for the party!

Thomas and his great-grandfather, George Thomas

When I called that it was time to open presents – these 3 came running like a herd of elephants

And Thomas had lots of help opening his presents.

Momma’s boy decided he would rather sit in my lap to open presents.

Thomas was not into his “smash” cake at all. He only got his fingers dirty because I pushed them in the cake! He kind of poked at it with a spoon.

We put him in the floor to see if he would be more interested – but he wasn’t.

Thomas did thoroughly enjoy the brownies!

I am horrible about getting pictures of everybody at parties & holidays so I decided to take everyone’s picture with Thomas as they left!

Aubrey, Greyson & Will


Honey & Papa

Amber, Will & Bill


PawPaw & Nonny

Daddy Bill & Grandmama


Mimi & PawPaw

Tori, Zachary, Susie & Bob

Dana & Jonathan

Amy & Brittany

And this is what the boys have been doing ever since the party! Taking turns {mostly} riding and Will is an excellent driver for Thomas :)

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