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Will Earned His Marbles

A couple of months ago we started a new “good behavior program” at our house. I bought a bag of marbles at the dollar store and cleaned out a cherry jar and let Will know that when he filled the jar with marbles he would earn a reward. This time his reward was a trip to Chuck E. Cheese!

Will earned his last marble at the first of the year. He can earn marbles by obeying without complaining, feeding the dog, putting up his dirty clothes, being nice to his brother, being cooperative at the grocery store and sometimes just for being cute.

Will was SO proud of earning all his marbles! There are 50 marbles in the bag and it took him the better part of 2 months to earn them all. Some days he lost more marbles than he earned!

Typical Will.

PawPaw and Nonny met us at Chuck E. Cheese for the festivities. {And Will somehow convinced them that they should take us to eat at Ichiban!}

This backhoe ride is Will’s absolute favorite thing at Chuck E. Cheese – he probably spend half of his tokens at this ride!

Thomas took a ride on Clifford.

He had this really amused look on his face the entire ride. It was like he was really having a good time but wasn’t quite sure what exactly was going on.

It was a fun morning for all of us! We can’t wait for Will to earn all of his marbles again :)

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4 Responses to “Will Earned His Marbles”

  1. Nonny says:

    Great idea! Thanks for letting is us tag along. And Ichiban IS my favorite place to eat!!’

  2. Honey says:

    Sometimes I lose my marbles, too!

  3. Grandmama says:

    I just LOVE these post: It is my greatest
    entertainment! All these little people are so
    precious and most adorable in the area!!!!!

  4. Mimi says:

    If I was a betting woman, I would bet most of those marbles were earned by being cute!!