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Some Days Are Hard

Moving is hard. Some days are harder than others. So many people have said, “Aren’t you so glad to be back home” and they are sincere and glad that we’re here but the hard thing to explain is that moving to Chattanooga did not feel like a move home. For the past {almost} 10 years our home has been in Jackson, New York City and Nashville. When we left Chattanooga we were kids and now we’re not only adults but parents!

So, it feels like we have moved to a new city. And with that comes figuring out a new routine, finding a new church and making new friends. And some days it is easier to sit at home and mope about not having a routine, church and friends! This past week was especially hard for some reason. I think it irrationally had something to do with the fact that we have sold our house! Great news! But as we move towards closing my very last “tie” to Nashville is going away. In my mind the fact that I still owned a house there made it feel like I really hadn’t permanently moved. It is taking some adjustment but I think for the most part we are all doing ok. {I may be having the hardest time!}

It is amazing that we have family so close! I have taken advantage of dropping one or both boys with grandparents or great-grandparents in order to run errands quickly, take one to the doctor or go out to eat. It has given me a little flexibility in what I am able to pursue just for fun – for instance, on Tuesday afternoons my Mom and Dad come over and watch the boys until Bill gets home so I can leave and go to clogging class. {Side Note: I graduated from the beginners class!}

Will has quickly learned that he can now ask his grandparents “Can I come play at your house?” Can I spend the night with you?” and they usually agree. He thinks it’s the best!

So, as we enter this new chapter in Chattanooga I am looking forward to this new routine {which includes lots of fun things like gymnastics, running and clogging}, investing in our new church through a small group, Bible study and Awana and hopefully making some new friends! And of course, spending a lot of quality time with our families because you never know when you might move again!


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7 Responses to “Some Days Are Hard”

  1. Great post, Amber! Thanks for sharing. I have a feeling we would struggle with very similar things if Fosh and I moved back to Louisiana.

  2. Andrea Metcalf says:

    You are missed here too! The great part about it is that Nashville is only a short drive away. Come this summer and we can play! Hope it gets easier every day.

  3. AbbasGirl says:

    Ahhhh moving. Thanks for sharing the good, bad, and ugly. We’ve been here for six months and are still undecided about a church home and so I still feel like I’m floating a bit. But it will get better, it always does!

  4. Karen says:

    I love your blog – especially when you share feelings of which we may not be aware. I, for one, am so glad to have you closer and have really enjoyed our lunches together and looking forward to more in the future. I feel as though I’m learning who you are on a deeper level. Needless to say – I LOVE being around your boys and appreciate getting to spend time with them.

  5. Honey says:

    I continue to pray for you as you adjust. I love spending more time with all of you and being able to be more of a help to you! I love you and your honesty but you could have omitted that last statement. I am certain your lips were pursed as you typed it!

  6. Bethany McAtee says:

    I just drove past the entrance of your (old) neighborhood the other day and was thinking about how much I missed ya’ll! Moving is hard, in general, but always an adventure. Your friends here will always be glad when you visit! But, we’ll also be glad once you’re settled in Chattanooga and really feel like its home :)

    P.S. Congrats on the selling of the house!! Praise God!

  7. Grandmama says:

    Love the blog and the news posted; if we can
    increase our “help” at any time,we’re here and waiting. Moving is hard; I can’t imagine the city to city! Never did that…Once Spring, “springs” and you can get out and about more, I think things will improve. LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!