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Merry Christmas: Christmas Afternoon Edition

After our morning at home we went to Papa and Honey’s house to celebrate Christmas.

When we got there Will had a gift from Papa’s cousin waiting for him – a HUGE Hot Wheels racetrack.

Thomas got right to eating lunch! The rest of us waited until Mimi & PawPaw got there to dig in.

After lunch, we headed downstairs to open presents. Will was so excited when he saw his big gift sitting out.

Papa helping Will use his backhoe.

But, I think Honey was the most surprised with her new bicycle.

Thomas was excited about his busy ball popper.

Will was really excited about a frog loofah. Although now he won’t let me wash him with it because it’s currently the bed for his rubber duck.

Thomas started to play the drum before we could get it out of the box.

Hands down this “cooker” outfit is the afternoon’s winner. He wears it every. single. day. And he cooks Ichiban food at this kitchen – if you come and visit he will even do an egg trick for you.

After playing Will, Honey & Dana rode their bicycles.

We ended the afternoon by singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and eating cake.

Jonathan & Dana

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2 Responses to “Merry Christmas: Christmas Afternoon Edition”

  1. Honey says:

    And that concludes your edition of 4 Chritmases!

  2. Mimi says:

    That reminds me of Four Funerals & a Wedding.
    As long as Thomas has something to put in his mouth, he’s happy.