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Merry Christmas: Henderson Family Edition

Every year on the Saturday before Christmas the Henderson family gets together to celebrate. We are rarely all together so it’s nice to eat good food, watch kids open presents & of course get a visit from Santa.

Will wanted Bill & Honey to hide as everyone was arriving. Do you think anybody found them?

Will thought it was fun to eat his dinner with a toothpick. What could be better?

I took pictures of everybody eating but Joel is the only person who smiled- so his table gets put on the blog!

Thomas and Kenlie enjoyed playing a little pool.

The great-grandkids waiting patiently for the presents to be passed out.

Thomas and Uncle David. This was the first time for a lot of the family to meet Thomas :)

Will checking out his new toy! When we said that Santa was coming in – Will ran and hid under the chair again – Santa almost sat on him!

Santa & Will. Funny story: Immediately after this picture Will came up and said to me, “Mommy! Santa looks like Papa!”

Thomas was NOT a fan of Santa!

Funny story: We went out to eat tonight and a man with a big beard walked in and stood near us and Thomas was afraid of him too.

Dylan & Chase

Zoie & Kenlie

Sarah wasn’t a big fan either :)

Hmmm, I always thought Santa’s elves were short!

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2 Responses to “Merry Christmas: Henderson Family Edition”

  1. Mimi says:

    AND SMART!!!!! Ha
    These are precious pictures of the great-grands. There are soooo many now.

  2. Honey says:

    Great memories! You forgot to add that we each exchanged a stomach virus for Christmas! Yuck!