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Deck The Halls

The day after Thanksgiving we broke out the Christmas decorations. And by we, I mean Bill. Will really enjoyed getting out and decoration the tree this year!

I’m not exactly sure what Will was doing here but I think making sure the tree branches were just right.

Putting on the ornaments. Will has enjoyed being able to touch the ornaments this year – as long as he’s gentle.

Thomas wasn’t sure what all this activity was all about! But he was definitely curious about the lights.

Will has played with the “tivity” every day this December. He prefers to set it up on stairs and then yell whenever anybody goes up or down “don’t step on my tivity!”

Thomas has surprisingly not gotten into to much trouble with the Christmas tree. Just once have I caught him playing with an ornament he took off the tree.

We didn’t get most of our Christmas decorations out this year but we did decorate the mantel.

Merry Christmas!

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4 Responses to “Deck The Halls”

  1. Mimi says:

    Boy, that’s a big tree. Everything looks so pretty and I’m glad Will & Thomas are having fun—especially with the “tivity” ha

  2. Honey says:


  3. Nonny says:

    Love your tree!

  4. Grandmama says:

    I think you have some “decorators” in the
    making: Nice looking tree! Love the “tivity” as well.