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Happy Give Thanks Day: Part 1

For the first time in 7 years we didn’t have to travel for Thanksgiving and it was so nice {and relaxing}! We’re already looking forward to having Christmas at our house this year too :)

The first thing we did was make our casseroles & cakes for all our celebrations. Will couldn’t wait to lick the mixer :)

As usual, I couldn’t keep the boys out of the fridge.

I wanted to take some pictures of the boys in their turkey shirts but Will just wanted to get his picture made with his truck!

He’s such a little man!

Brother picture time!

These faces capture their personalities perfectly!

After rest it was time to eat some turkey!

Thomas was extra thankful that he got new teeth just in time to eat turkey & broccoli.

PawPaw & Thomas playing music.

Happy 1st Thanksgiving Thomas!

After dinner Thomas went through all the sale ads to see what he wanted for Christmas – he decided he would rather have the sale ads!

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One Response to “Happy Give Thanks Day: Part 1”

  1. grandmama says:

    All of us are so glad you are back home!
    It is nice all the time but especially for the holidays!
    Loving the pictures: Those are lucky little boys having so many relatives to spoil them!