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Snow Hill Thanksgiving

The week before Thanksgiving we had Thanksgiving lunch with Mrs. Regg’s class at Snow Hill. They boys thought her classroom was fun and Will was SO impressed that the kids knew their ABC’s!

Will liked the “free center” time and played with blocks & puzzles. Thomas was a bit hit with all the K girls :)

My little Indian Native American loved his feathers but wouldn’t put on his jacket because “it hurt.” (I think it was just too stiff for his liking!)

Will would not smile at the lunch table! I think he was overwhelmed at all the people that were in the cafeteria. But he thoroughly enjoyed his lunch especially the large cookie and biscuit.

Will made a great friend during the course of a couple of hours and when we went to the playground they were inseparable! We looked over to find Will and his friend on the seesaw.

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2 Responses to “Snow Hill Thanksgiving”

  1. Grandmama says:

    What a nice way to spend some time with
    children and your sister. I know we’re all so
    glad having you back in Chatt.

  2. Mimi says:

    Was anyone impressed that Will knew his ABC’s and numbers????
    He will be the smartest kid in the class when it’s his turn to go.
    ASK ME IF I’V PREDJUDICE??? nooooooo