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Coolidge Park

We are trying to get most of our October activities in and one day last week we spent the morning at Coolidge Park.

We set out and walked up to the Walnut Street Bridge where Will found this huge do statue. I had to lift him up in order to give the dog a high five.

Will loved walking across the bridge!

We had about an hour to play before the carousel opened so we went to check out the blue rhino statue. Will was more interested in the pebbles.

We rode the carousel about 100 times (it only cost $1 for all 3 of to ride)! First Will chose a horse.

Thomas really liked the carousel ride.

Will thought it was so funny that the ostrich was wearing a hat.

Thomas also enjoyed riding in the chariot.

Mr. Toad was his favorite and he rode it several times.

We ate our picnic lunch and then Papa showed up.

The boys rode the carousel one more time with Papa.

Will and Papa enjoyed an ice cream treat from Clumpie’s before we walked back “home” across the Market Street Bridge.

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2 Responses to “Coolidge Park”

  1. Grandmama says:

    What a delightful day! I do love that there are
    so many good things for families to do now: Papa
    is really enjoying his grandchildren! That’s nice!
    We still adore all of ours and now the “greats” are such a joy!
    I’d say the month has been a good one for all of you as you begin your new home here again.

  2. Mimi says:

    I like the carousel too but I’m getting too old and stiff to climb up on those animals. ha
    Papa’s work can take him to some of the strangest places.