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Creative Discovery Museum

It was rainy last Tuesday and we had spent all day Monday in our hotel room so we put on our rain jackets and ran a block over to the Creative Discovery Museum.

Will had so much fun! This kitchen area was awesome,I think he would have played in here all day. After he organized the fridge he baked me some cookies.

Thomas and Will both enjoyed driving the car.

They have a fun water play area with lots of boats, cups and a big boat that has several fun learning stations and a slide.

We also spent a good while digging for dinosaur bones. I remember this was my favorite part when I was little! I wanted to get in and dig too but I didn’t want Thomas to eat the sand :)

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4 Responses to “Creative Discovery Museum”

  1. Karen says:

    I bet Will thinks it is awesome to have all those great places in his new “backyard”! How will you ever explain your new house and a regular backyard??? ;o) I really enjoy reading about you rediscovering your new town.

  2. Grandmama says:

    WHat a fun day even with rain! I agree with
    Karen and wonder how Will is going to adjust
    to just a yard? I sure would have had fun when I was small (a hundred yrs. ago) playing with all those neat things! Isn’t it wonderful and also educational? LOVE THE PICS of those darling little fellows whom we all love so much!

  3. Mimi says:

    That was a fun day but Amber, I know why you didn’t play—-you didn’t want anyone to actually know what a kid YOU are. right???

  4. My girls LOVE the CDM! We went last year when we spent the weekend in Chattanooga and they wanted to stay the whole day. The McWane Center in Birmingham is also fun, if you’re ever down this way.